Starcraft 2: Hotkeys List

If you read our recent post about using hotkeys in Starcraft 2, then this is a great follow up, and will teach you all the keys you need to know, to better micro. Using hotkeys is essential for playing against other players and for Brutal achievements.


These apply during the entire game.

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Arrow keys – Pan the camera around the map.
Scroll wheel – Zoom in or out of the battlefield.
Insert – while held, rotate camera clockwise up to 90 degrees.
Delete – while held, rotate camera counter-clockwise up to 90 degrees.
Left-Click – Select a single unit or building. Over a portrait, center camera over unit and follow.
Click+Drag – Select units that are within a rectangle.
Shift-Click+Drag – Add selected units to the current group.
Double-Click – Select all units or buildings that are the same as the one clicked.
Ctrl-Click – Select all units or buildings that are the same as the one clicked.
Right-Click – Orders unit or building to do the “default” action. Gather for workers over minerals, Move for military units, Set Rally Point for production buildings.
Ctrl-Right-Click – Attack-Move order.
Hold Shift – With Right-Click, this queues up orders like Move and Gather. With Left-Click on abilities or using a hotkey, this queues up abilities or building construction. The queue can have any combination of orders and abilities.
Spacebar – Move camera to source of last notification.
Backspace – Center camera over your Command Centers/Nexus/Hatcheries in rotation.
Ctrl+# – Set current selection to a control group #.
Shift+# – Add selected units to a group #.
# – Select a previously set control group.
Double-# – Center camera over group leader, if outside current screen. Leader is the first unit in the group.
Alt – Displays health bars over units while held. Health bars can be made permanent in the options.
F1 – Select idle worker.
Shift+F1 – Add idle worker to current selection.
Ctrl+F1 – Select all idle workers.
Tab – Switch between subgroups in the current selection. Allows you to use caster spells while keeping them in the same group.
Ctrl+Alt+F – Display FPS counter in the top left corner.
Alt+G – Ping the minimap.
Alt+T – Toggle minimap terrain.
Alt+F – Toggle enemy and friendly colors.
F10 – Bring up in-game Menu.
F11 – Bring up in-game Message Log.
F12 – Bring up in-game Help screens.
PrtScr – Take a screenshot, saved in Documents/Starcraft II Beta/Screenshots.
Enter – Send a message to your allies in a 2v2 or higher game, send message to everyone in 1v1.
Shift+Enter – Send a chat message to everyone in the game.
W – Select all Warpgates (Protoss Only).

Unit Abilities

Hotkeys to tell units to do stuff.

Move – M
Stop – S
Hold Position – H
Patrol – P
Attack/Attack-Move – A

Repair (R) (SCV and MULE only)
Gather (G)
Return Cargo (C)
Build Structure (B)
Build Advanced Structure (V)

Load – O
Unload All – D

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Building Abilities

Hotkeys to tell buildings to do stuff.

Set Rally Point – Y
Load – O
Unload All – D


Hotkeys for the replay system. Some hotkeys from normal games also work here.

E – Show all players’ view
F[2-9] – Show player 1 or 2 or 3, etc. F2 = player 1, F3 = player 2, up to F9 for player 8 (max players in a game).
Pause/Play – P
Lower Playback Speed – - (minus/dash key)
Increase Playback Speed – + (plus sign key)
Follow Player Camera – C
Toggle Health Bars – H
Clear Selection – Esc key

—–Statistics Screens—–
None – N
Resources – R
Income – I
Spending – S
Units – U
Units Lost – L
Production – D
Army – A

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