Starcraft 2: How to Study your Losses, to Win More

Ever lost a really intense game of Starcraft 2? Of course you have! We all have... Even the Pros that place first in the biggest tournaments lose at least 25% of the games they play.You can increase your chances of winning games by learning the best strategies for your favorite race before hand. For that, we recommend Shokz Starcraft 2 guide. Shokz is hands down, the best guide to learn all the strategies that you can know, and what you can expect from your enemies.

Losing is just a part of playing games of Starcraft 2 on The real key is what you do with it. You can either get frustrated and go into your next game mad (which usually means you'll play worse), or you can learn from your loss and become better. The trick is to see losing as a GOOD thing. Sure it doesn't feel good at the time, but if you see it as a learning opportunity you'll take losses much better. And after all, if you beat everyone you play, you'd never get any better anyway!

You should make it a point to save all the replays of the games you lose and go back to watch every one of them.  In each game there will usually be a "defining moment" that put you behind and resulted in the loss. Maybe some Zerglings got into your mineral line and ruined your economy, or you had the wrong unit composition and your army got hard-countered. If there doesn't seem to be a real game-changing moment, check on your macro. Make sure you're constantly training SCV's, expanding often, and building plenty of unit-producing structures to build your army.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

Once you find the reason you were defeated, it's time to put your brain to work and figure out how to be better prepared for it and beat it if it happens again. Many times it's as easy as scouting more often or building your structures in a more strategic way. Look for points in the game where your army is bigger than your opponent's when it would be a good time to attack. If you start jotting all this stuff down in a notebook you'll start to get a broader understanding of what is possible for your opponent to have at certain points in the game. Knowing all this will make you much more comfortable during the games you play and help you have confidence to be more aggressive and attack at the right times. So don't worry about losing anymore! Use those losses to learn how to step up your game and get better. You don't have to be better by tomorrow, take it slow and have fun with it, after all that's the point right? 😆

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