Starcraft 2: Knowing what your opponent’s next move is

A lot players will sit in their base and build up their army without ever poking out to see what the other player is building. Then when they match up in a head to head battle their army gets destroyed outright and they're left wondering, "What happened?"

If you've ever been in this situation, then today's topic should help you out.

One of the most important parts of Starcraft 2 is figuring out what your opponent is doing so you can fight him effectively. If you're just "flying in the dark" then you're at risk of making a huge army of the very units that he's planning to counter.

During the game, it's worth it to sacrifice a unit here or there to see what your opponent is up to, it could save you from losing the game!

Here are some ways to scout with each race during the game that you should get in the habit of doing.

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In the early game send your SCV in and run around his base as long as you can to see which way he is going to tech. After that, you can use a Reaper to jump a cliff and get up in his base to see what units he is building. Building a Barracks outside your opponent's base then flying it over is another sneaky trick that works quite well (and it's cheaper than scanning)

As the game progresses, don't be afraid to use your scans from your Orbital Command to see what his base/army looks like. Sure it costs a few minerals (since you can't 
MULE) but it can save you the game.

Use quick units like Hellions to dash into their base and focus more on scouting rather than killing workers. If you have air control, then use your Vikings or Banshees to sneak in and see what's going on.


Always send a Probe in early to harass your opponent's workers. Probes are the strongest worker in the game because of their shields so stay alive as long as you can. After it dies, don't be afraid to suicide a Probe up his ramp to see what his army looks like, it can tip you off to what he's planning.

All Protoss players should get observers fairly early in the game. Often times your observers will never get killed and you can poke around all you want gathering a 
ton of useful intel. If he does happen to snipe your observer, make more! Place them in key spots on the map to see what your opponent is doing.


Zerg is one of the harder races to scout with because they don't have cloaked observers or the ability to scan. Start with your Drone, and after that run Zerglings in once in awhile to see his unit composition.

A few minutes into the game you should sacrifice an Overlord and just send it right into his base, hopefully to get a full view of his buildings. Just be sure to build another Overlord so you don't get supply blocked.

Later in the game you can use Overseers (after you've upgraded their speed) and dash into his base and scout. Plus you can use their contaminate ability to stop key structures from functioning for 30 seconds. Overseers are fast enough that you should be able to get out alive.

All Races

No matter what race you are, you should scout all the other expansions regularly. Send a worker out and use shift to queue a bunch of commands so he checks each spot. Finding your opponents expansions early can help give you a big advantage. Be sure to check island expansions!

The simple act of constantly scouting your opponent can help you react much better to his army and win many more games.

Here's to a better SC2 ladder rank!

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