Starcraft 2: Mini-Guide to Hardmode Achievements

This is somewhat of a mini-guide to the hardmode achievements of the Starcraft 2 Campaign.

These achievements are grouped by mission type – Starting, Artifact, Colonist, Zeratul, Rebellion, Tosh and Final.


Down with Mengsk (Liberation day)
Kill every enemy unit

Only hard thing about this achievement is surviving. Unlike normal mode, you will face somewhat bigger challenge, so just make sure your folks are alive at the end. At the very end (with angry mob) you can let the mob tank the enemies while you just ensure they die.

Difficulty: easy

Be Quick or Be Dead (Outlaws)
Complete within 10 minutes

Start pumping out infantry as soon as you can, and keep pumping it. When you got like 6-7 marines go clear the way to the base to the left. Keep pumping marines, then when you got a large amount of them charge the main base. Keep an eye on the timer - the trick is to go in early to avoid timer problems, but not too early to get your ass handed to you. I had to redo the mission once (first time i finished at 15:30 :< ) but other than that its quite simple

Difficulty: easy

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guide

The Best Defense... (Zero Hour)

Destroy 4 enemy hatcheries

This one is annoying. Essentially, do as in normal mode (get 2 bunkers each side, patrolling repair-scv's, etc), get second barracks, and start pumping out marines and medics. Basically have reactor-raxx doing marines every single cooldown, and techlab doing medics. You should aim at around 1 medic for 4-5 marines. As soon as you got decent army (im talking about 20 marines here+) go for the south-west zerg base. Attack towers/units, move back (so they move back with you out of tower range) and kill them. Then move in and kill the spine crawlers and other units, then focus on hatcheries (2). Once they are gone, move out immediately and regroup at base. Replenish losses if needed, and repeat at the north-west zerg base.
I read on the net that sometimes zerg rebuild hatcheries, so you only need to assault one twice. That did not happen to me, but with large enough marines force (and medics!) its not too much of an issue. Main thing is, when you have small army, you get your ass handed to you before you even kill anything. When you have large army, you own everything.

Difficulty: medium

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