Starcraft 2: 10 Noob tips for a better play experience

10 Noob tips for a better play experience

Here are 10 tips for noobs to StarCraft II, which may help you to become a better Starcraft 2 player. We all like our own strategy, some of these crossover to other games in fact.  These are the strategies which can help you to hone them to a fine point, where you will have less chance of being surprised and instead conquer more often.  We highly suggest you read over them... and comment if you have anything else to add.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

written by thedarkshrine

Do not clump your units (keeping your entire army on one hotkey = bad).

This is a bad habit and you must not do it. Yes, Starcraft 2 has MBS and you can select any amount (well 255) units to one hotkey. However, Starcraft 2's new AI is much improved and the collision is extremely close. Thus if you clump your units, your opponent's spells such as EMP, psionic storm and fungal growth are much more efficient in damaging your army. It is perfectly fine to separate your units then group them to one hot key when attacking from different directions.

Concavity can change the entire battle.

When engaging in battles, in addition to not clumping your units, concavity plays a huge role. If your opponent attacks you on the narrow end of a choke while you are attacking on the wide end, you are at a huge advantage. Chances are only his or her front units will be attacking while almost all of our units will attack. You'd be surprised that if you're army is half the size compared to your opponent and your concavity is two times the size (assuming equal ranged units), it is possible for you to win that battle.

Take advantage of the Multiple Building Selection (MBS).

Take advantage of it. Use a few hotkeys for all of your buildings, tab to select different buildings within, check the icons to see if anything is building, etc.

There is no high ground advantage in Starcraft 2 (yet).

Keep this in mind. If you are on high ground and your opponent is on low ground,  and he can see your units, he can attack for full damage unlike the original where you can miss and do no damage.

Xel Naga Towers--use them.

They create a huge radius of vision. Scouting is very important in Starcraft 2 due to hard counters, as some builds can destroy other builds effectively. Just send a unit to it when you can.

Hide units under the smoke and bushes

Top Starcraft II Strategy Guide

Your opponent cannot see units inside them unless he goes inside it. Utilize this to your advantage.

Turn health bars on or remember to constantly check them

You don't have to click on units to find out how much health they have, which makes things such as probe snipes much simpler.

Play on a 16:9 resolution

Examples includes 1920 * 1080, 1280 * 720, etc. You see the max on the screen in this resolution which can assist  you.

When you lose, view your replays and see what you did wrong. When you win, view your replays and see what can be improved.

There is never a perfect game for an RTS such as this.

Don't cheese constantly if you want to get better.

Cheesing is using tactics that require little skill to execute. If you want to get better, try learning different tactics instead of doing the same thing over and over. Cheesing can be very effective but don't rely on it if you want to improve greatly.

10 Responses to Starcraft 2: 10 Noob tips for a better play experience

  1. Martir says:

    Awesome c:
    Thanks a lot for the tips 😀 I suck so bad at starcraft so this helps a lot.

  2. Syn says:

    I wish more people would read that last one and take it to heart. Just because you do a speedling rush, and win once or twice, doesn’t mean you’re good.

    I had some guy try a maruader “rush” to “ruin” my economy, turns out he didn’t make the SCV’s he needed, and ended up being completely out gunned; tore him in half.

  3. Jotham says:

    Cool story Syn. Really added to the value of this article.

  4. Angel Of Death says:

    Yea Syn, cool story bro.

  5. Ben says:

    Awesome tips here! I have included your website in my Starcraft 2 Noob’s Guide List! I hope you don’t mind. You may view it here:


  6. King_Yoshi says:

    @Ben Thank you for this, it is much appreciated. I checked out your blog, and find that it’s full of useful information. 🙂

  7. Haydo says:

    Nice post, thanks dude. I love playing Terran and sure this will help

  8. The Baron says:

    Awesome thanks has helped me loads

  9. Geskes says:

    Some nice tips for sure! I have just started starcraft myself and I need every help I can get. Playing online is very hard! I even made a blog about my challenge to get up to the diamond league!

  10. jonathan says:

    i’m much more of a game watcher, but one point that i think should be focus is scouting, sc2 is about , you need to keep and eye on your opponent an rspond to his build

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