Starcraft 2: Proper Banshee Use – Banshee Into Thor + Video

General Idea

As you work up to a quick Banshee you are going to want to use Marines and Hellions as early defense. The threat of a Baneling bust is very real so be sure to check for a Baneling nest and if you see one respond by reinforcing your wall. Once your Banshee is out you can do a lot of damage so long as you pay attention to it. Don’t fly right over Spore Crawlers and move away when you see an Overseer. The transition into Thors is to help you deal with Mutalisks, from this point what you get will depend on what your opponent is going for.

Build Order

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guide

(10) Supply Depot
(11) Barracks
(13) Refinery
(15) Orbital Command
(18) Factory
(19) Refinery
(24) Starport
(33) Cloaking Field
(36) Command Center
(40) Armory

Note: Build orders should never stay static and are subject to change based on what your opponent is doing. Remember, this is a RTS: use your brain, be adaptable, profit.

Notes From This Replay

  • Baneling busts will ruin your day! If you scout a Baneling Nest you are going to want to move your buildings to help reinforce your front wall.
  • Once Speedlings are on the board you are going to have to use Hellions or Reapers for additional scouting early in the game. Use your first hellion to check if your opponent has expanded and to look for what buildings he has.
  • Queens can do very well against Banshees, with transfuse 2 Queens will quite easily kill 2 Banshees if they can see you.
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