Starcraft 2: Protoss Stalker Blink strategy

Shift-Q Blink Strategy

written by jinxy, video by HDStacraft

Browsing through some videos and I came across a trick for Protoss that can be very useful in certain situations. The trick requires 3 things

  1. Stalkers
  2. An Observer (for vision of the destination)
  3. Blink already researched

When you want to blink all your stalkers a long distance, it isn't always easy. Many of them will try to blink across but they can't because there is not enough room for them to all make it across.

An example would be on Scrap Station. Between both players is a floating island, you can just barely blink your stalkers across to that island and then, further to your opponent's main base, therefor it would take a lot of time to actually blink a whole army of stalkers across.  Doing so, could cause you to lose some of your stalkers.

There is a really easy way to do this, all you have to do is use multiple commands. You set your Stalkers a bit away from the edge where you want to blink across, then make them go to the edge. Before they get there you have to hold shift and then press the blink button, and then another move button so there will be enough room for all the stalkers to blink across.

Here is the 3 step way to do it

  1. Make your Stalkers go where you want to blink from
  2. While holding shift, press blink to the destination
  3. Still holding shift make them go a bit further so there is room for all stalkers to blink to the destination.

You can see the video for further information and samples of this in progress.

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