Starcraft 2: Protoss Strategy – 2 Base Zealot & High Templar

written by wccanuck

The protoss 2 base Zealot and High Templar strategy focuses on the mid game and using the high templar's psionic storm ability.  This Protoss build can be used against any race but is most recommended against a Terran player with a bio army or a ground zerg force.

Your protoss army will be strong enough to attack once you have researched the appropriate spells.  You will want to make sure you have researched charge, psionic storm and Khaydarin Amulet.

This is a very strong protoss build and pretty easy to execute.  Your zealots will act as meat shields for your templars to drop down their psionic storm bombs doing devastating damage.  You just have to make sure to keep your high templars out of harms way.

Top Starcraft II Strategy GuideSC2 Protoss 2 Base Zealot High Templar Strategy Build Order

This is more of a general strategy than using a specific build order.  For an opening build order you can either do a two gate opener or I would suggest a 1 gate then cybernetics core like the one below.

  • 9 Pylon
  • 10 Chrono Boost Nexus (as soon as Pylon is ready)
  • 12 Gateway, send Probe to scout
  • 13 Assimilator and Chrono Boost Nexus[1]
  • 16 Pylon
  • (17 Cybernetics Core)

From here you will want to start pumping out zealots and eventually lead up to 4 gateways for your main.

When you have enough gas build your twilight council and then immediately templar archives.  Start researching charge, psionic storm and the extra templar energy.

At around 40-50 supply, it is time to get your second base.  Once you have a fully saturated 2nd base you can afford to have 8 warp gates pumping out zealots and templars when you have the gas.

Gas will be tough to come by, so use it in this order.  Build your twilight council, then templar archives.  Research Charge, then Psionic storm and then Khaydarin Amulet.  Now whenever you have 150 gas pump out a High Templar.  Build zealots and probes with your extra minerals.  Once you have 8 warpgates you can just focus on pumping out your army.

When you attack build some proxy pylons to help reinforce your army close to the battle.  Use your zealots as a meat shield while you storm the opponent.  If you are able to build 1 or two sentries their force field would be a great addition to your attack as well.

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