Starcraft 2: Protoss vs Zerg Strategies plus Counters

If you are looking for the best Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg strategies to help you crush your opponent in this matchup, then you should definitely read this article. I will give you some general strategy, show you how to gain an advantage by scouting and give you a list of the best counter units. If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to win your first Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg battles in no time.

General Strategy

The Zerg will usually be very aggressive from the beginning, trying to expand very fast while keeping you from doing so.

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He will also most likely try to disrupt your economy with a quick Zergling rush which both would be fatal, as you need a seamless economy in order to afford the expensive Protoss units. Fortunately, the Protoss have the most powerful tier-1 unit, the Zealot, so make sure to pump out a couple of Zealots right from the beginning. With a little bit of Micro Management, you should be able to easily finish off multiple Zerglings with each Zealot and fend off all early attacks.

Scouting is key

A big disadvantage, especially in the Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg matchup, is the very high cost of Protoss units and buildings. Because of that, you can’t afford any wastage, so you have to come up with the perfect unit mix against different strategies right from the beginning. To do so, you have to find out what your opponent is up to and act accordingly. Build an Observer very early on and try to find out as much about the enemy’s gameplan as possible. Use this information to avoid unpleasant surprises and come up with the right counter strategy.

Best Counter Units vs Zerg

To help you find the right counter units for every situation, I have compiled the following table, which shows how to counter each Zerg unit, in order of effectiveness:

Unit How to counter
Colossus / High Templar / Zealots / Photon Cannon
Queen Phoenix / Archon / Dark Templar / High Templar
Hydralisk Sentry / High Templar / Zealot / Dark Templar
Baneling Archon / High Templar / Immortal
Roach Immortal / Observer / High Templar
Infestor High Templar / Immortal / Observer
Mutalisk Phoenix / Stalker / Archon
Corruptor Stalker / Void Ray / Archon
Ultralisk Immortal / Void Ray / Mothership / Stalkers / Carrier
Brood Lord Void Ray / Carrier / Phoenix

Bare in mind that these counter units are purely based on stats, so don’t put all your resources into any single unit. Instead, be sure to keep a balanced unit mix, which will enable you to react to changes in your opponent’s strategy very quickly.


I have shown you the most important Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg strategies, namely some basic strategy guidelines, how to scout effectively and the best counter against different Zerg units. If you follow this advice, with a little bit of practice you will be able to win your Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg battles consistently very soon.

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