Starcraft 2 (SC2): Protoss VS Protoss the basics

by Telecom
  • Take into consideration map size. On all maps except desert oasis and twilight fortress you should be doing the same basic build order.
  • In every Protoss vs Protoss you should expect warp gate rush, Always.
  • Always research warpgate as soon as cybernetics core is finished.

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In Protoss vs Protoss I like to opt for an income build, not getting gateway till 13th probe.  Then immediate gateway / gas, the reason I decided to do this a lot of the time is because of the fact that when using the chrono boost, you can constantly build probes to 13 before getting a gateway and then your economy is extremely well.

Probes should be pumping constantly only stopping to build units or buildings. Once gateway is finished you add on cybernetics core. Use the chrono boost now to make zealot build faster so you can assure that you are secure.

Once the cybernetics core is finished immediatly start warp gate research and use all chrono boost's on the cybernetics core to make the research of warpgates finish faster.  throw down 2 more gateway's and a robotics facility for immortal's. Immediate start of warpgates once the gateways are finished and start warping in alot of zealots / 2 sentrys. 2nd gas should be added after cybernetics core is finished.

Pump 2 immortals then an observer, to be safe and then move on to go for colossus.  and keep warping in units, a few stalkers will be useful, but not many.  Always research the colossus range, making colossus alot more powerful.

Once you have 1 colossus finished and another about half way done you can feel safe to expand seeing as how your ground army is at a safe count.  Once you start nexus keep warping in units and have colossus pumping constantly.  All units should be infront of nexus now.  Keep macroing, colossus and add on a good bit of stalkers with your zealots once your expansion is up.  Get zealot charge upgrade and +1 attack once expansion is safe.  Keep macroing and GL HF GG.

4 Responses to Starcraft 2 (SC2): Protoss VS Protoss the basics

  1. subz says:

    Looks to me, that this build is very prone to getting void ray rushed. Which means you have to keep scouting, to be on the safe side, but with photon cannons in base this is impossible without launching an attack with at least half of your army just to see what is your opponent doing.

  2. Data says:

    Yea, Void ray rush is really popular so I would recommend a couple of stalkers and an all round photon cannons. Photon cannons and observers should help defend against dark templar rushes.

  3. King_Yoshi says:

    Any half decent zelot rush, would completely decimate this build…

    Also, if you manage to pull it off, Canon rushes, also work pretty well against other Toss.

  4. GotYa says:

    Well, I don’t know so much about a canon rush – the cheese move, although I feel that if you can pull it off – do it, your OK. The 13 probe to Gateway, I’m not so sure about that. That leave you wide open. I go with a 9 probe to pylon (make sure u move out to place it at about 70 minerals so you place it at 100) and crank out probe 10 and wait for 150 (should equal out to be perfect timing) to drop your gateway. Immediate first gas (put 3 on gas). soon as gaetway is up, drop cyber and make a zlot. from here u go for whatever build your good at. 4 gates, rays, whatever.

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