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There was a time in StarCraft: Brood War when it was the tanks that provided all the support. When you could spread your unsupported tanks into a deadly crossfire of death and move freely within that area much to your opponent’s dismay. That has largely come to an end in StarCraft 2. Things have changed and the Siege Tank has certainly evolved. That’s not to say you can’t still have that “MWA HA HA HA HA” moment that was prevalent in Terran games of old. Quite the contrary, you should have that awesome feeling more often. But one of the main problems with the methodology of new players in StarCraft 2 (and even players who understand the game quite well) is that they lack foresight.

Just like with children, once you’ve built your Siege Tanks and researched Siege Mode (as you definitely should, tanks are worthless without them), your responsibility doesn’t just end there. You have to commit to learning how to place, monitor, protect, and deliver your tanks on the battlefield. This article will cover all of these angles to show you just how important Siege Tanks can be to your Terran arsenal and how to maximize their effectiveness.

Let’s build a Siege Tank

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The first part of using Terran Siege Tanks correctly is learning how to build them, when to build them, and why to build them.

First, let’s conquer how. There are two methods to get to tanks, one is primary, and the other is secondary. Against certain opponents, mostly Terran and Protoss, you might need tanks early. This can help you provide support against a large force that might be pressed early (for instance, a mass Stalker build or a heavy infantry Terran). In this case you’ll probably want tanks as quickly as possible which is why a lot of player opt for a Quick Factory Tech Build (sometimes known as a Mech build). This involves grabbing your first Barracks and only enough Marines to defend the wall-off (if you don’t know how to wall-off, check this out).

Utilize this build to get yourself into position for a quick mech build:

Split your SCVs and mine until you have purchased your 11th SCV in your queue. Wait until you have 110 minerals and then pull an SCV off the line to build your Barracks (see 10/11 below)

10/11 -> Barracks at choke

11/11 -> Supply Depot at choke

11/11 -> Reach 100 minerals and build a Refinery

12/19 -> 3 SCVs mining gas, upgrade Command Center to Orbital Command

15/19 -> Tech lab addition on Barracks (helps seal choke)

15/19 -> Build Factory

18/27 -> Swap Factory for Barracks (tech lab swap)

This build is great against Protoss players. You can interchange the tech lab and reactor build to push either Hellions or Tanks first. A lot of players prefer to push the Hellions first, but I like to go Tanks first since it allows me to defend a very early Stalker push which often comes. I don’t see a lot of Protoss players going mass Zealot anymore against early Terran. But you basically build a second Factory as you see fit and produce the other (Reactor for Hellions, Tech Lab for Tanks). Then you can push the Protoss with tanks for fire support and Hellions as a meat shield (just like players used Vultures and Tanks in SC1). This is very strong against all Protoss ground including Immortals. You can mix in some infantry for variety and tank support. Don’t forget to bring SCVs!

The second way to build tanks is to go a Heavy Infantry with a transition into mid-game tanks. This is a very standard build and if done correctly will let you have a powerful push at early mid-game that will let you dictate both the pace and strategy of the game, so you can force your opponent to adapt to your build, instead of you to theirs.

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One Response to Starcraft 2: Seige Tank Guide

  1. Sc2Master says:

    I jut want to make a few corrections, on some mistakes I saw in this guide.

    First off, tanks as great unsieged. A huge misconception is that they must be sieged in all situations. This is false, as tanks actually have a higher dps when unsieged.

    When sieged they gain the advantage of outranging he enemy, without taking damage.

    Another rule of thumb with tanks is, never go in with just tanks. Always surround the tanks with other units, such as marines etc. Otherwise the tanks will just get focus fired and go down VERY fast.

    Additionally with the build order mentioned above. Since the last patch, you always have to build a supply depo before you build barracks, so just reverse the first two steps in the build order.

    Also, if you are going to go for a tank push, make sure you have some sort of anti-air, as any air unit that can attack ground, will completely decimate your tanks.

    Below are the Siege Tank’s official stats.

    Attributes: Armored, Mechanical


    Ground Attack: 15 (+2) (Mobile)
    35 (+3) (Siege) (Splash)
    +10 (+1) vs. Armored (Mobile)
    +15 (+2) vs. Armored (Siege)

    7 (Mobile)
    13 (Siege)
    Cooldown: 1.04 (Mobile)
    3.00 (Siege)

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