Starcraft 2: Strengths and Weaknesses of Zerg Support Units

written by Leo Lambert

If you have been playing the game of Starcraft 2, then you are every familiar with the Starcraft 2 Zerg Support Units. Support units are themselves not major units but are used to support offensive units during battle. Each of the Starcraft 2 Zerg support units has its own strengths and weaknesses and it is important to know these so you are able to make full use of them and to your own advantage.

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Starcraft2 Zerg Support Unit: Queen


  • The Queen is a great anti-air defense unit as well as an excellent ground unit.
  • The best thing about it is its Spawn Larva which can produce 4 extra levels in hatchery and doubles its capacity.
  • It is useful in defending the base as it can heal buildings like Spine crawlers and Hatcheries.


  • While the Queen’s low cost and low supply requirements make it a powerful unit, it is slow on the creep making it ineffective when used as an offensive unit.

Starcraft2 Zerg Support Unit: Overlord


  • The Overlord can increase the Zerg supply by 8 count.
  • Instead of sending normal units, the Overlord can be used in scouting the enemy.


  • It moves slowly but can be upgraded to move faster and transport units at the Lair.
  • The Overlord is not a detector unlike the original Starcraftbut it can be converted to an Overseer, which is a detector, after you obtain a Lair.

Starcraft2 Zerg Support Unit: Overseer


  • The Overseer is a detector of cloaked units as well as having the ability to create a spy unit which lasts for 180 seconds.
  • When it comes in contact with an enemy, it has the ability to disguise itself as one of the enemies and turn into the same appearance as them.
  • Blending in with the troops of the enemy and spying on them is its main purpose.


  • It cannot attack and dies in just a few minutes.
  • This unit has a very slow movement but has moderate power.

Starcraft2 Zerg Support Unit: Infestor


  • The most powerful ability of the Infestor is called the Neural Parasite that allows mind control over other units.
  • Another powerful ability is called Fungal Growth which inflicts damage to enemies within seconds.
  • Frenzy is the ability of the Infestor to make a biological unit that will inflict a 25% damage to enemies within 30 seconds.


  • The Infestor is not able to move and it can go only in a limited range when it is controlling another unit.

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