Starcraft 2: Terran 111 General Build Order versus all races

written by wccanuck

The Terran 111 opening build is a great general strategy to use in any situation. This guide will show you the 111 build order and some options you can do vs each race once you have completed the build. The build is basically building a barracks, a factory right away, followed by a starport.

I personally like this build because it basically rushes air units. If you control the air with terran, your tanks have such an easy time on the ground. By hovering vikings for vision, your tanks will destroy anything on the ground.

The point of the 111 build is to have a versatile and good overall army. This strategy also allows one to adapt their unit production to counter the enemy quickly. Options once you have your 111 build order complete are to expand, tech more, or strengthen air or ground by adding more unit production buildings. The following is the opening build order for terrans 111 strat!

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Basic Build Order

  • 10 Supply Depot
  • 12 Barracks
  • 13 Refinery
  • 15 Orbital Command
  • Marine + 2nd Gas
  • 16 Supply Depot
  • OPTIONAL: Barracks Addon
  • @ 100 gas
    • Build Factory ASAP + Tech Lab
  • @100% Factory
    • Starport
    • OPTIONAL: Starport Addon (I like to get a reactor to pump out two vikings)

Tips To Remember

If you are against Zerg and Protoss, wall your base in. With Terran vs Terran, it usually not a great idea to wall your base in as tanks can destroy that wall no problem.

Remember to scout right after your first supply depot. This build is weak against early rushes, so you must be prepared to scout out a rush and change your strategy.

Careful with this build on smaller quick rush maps.

With this build order the following are various strategies you can use vs each race.

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Terran Vs Terran Strats

  • Go for a tank/viking army. This is one of my favorite strategies.
  • Fast banshee to harrass the enemies economy.
  • Go back to adding barracks to build a nice marine marauder army, with medivac support from your starport.

Terran VS Protoss

  • Quick medivac for tricky drops and infantry support.
  • A raven for a Point Defense Drone to stop pushes or used for attack.
  • Heavy air build.

Terran VS Zerg (I generally don’t use this build against zerg)

  • Viking or Banshee heavy build.
  • Fast medivac for drops.

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