Starcraft 2: Terran Mule Guide

A Mule is a advance gathering unit which you summon down from your Orbital Command Center. They cost 50 energy and last for 90 seconds, over the course of the 90 second they are able to gather 260 – 300 minerals.

Orbital Command Center

When playing as Terran you want to get your Orbital Command as soon as possible as mules are one of the most important units in the Terran Economy. I always try to get my Orbital Command around 14 supply and will vary depending on your build order.  Once you get your Orbital Command you can use the Energy one of three things, a Mule, Scan, and a Supply Drop which increases your supply limit.

When to use Mules

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In short you should use Mules every time you have the energy. Terran without mules will trail in resource gathering almost every game and mules give you the advantage you need to keep up with a high Macro Zerg. Any time you have 50 energy you should be casting mules down on your minerals instead of using your Orbital command energy on a Scan or Supply Drop.

The bottom line is 300 minerals is more important then a scan or a supply drop.

Why the others are a Waste of Energy

Scan - While this is a useful skill you should only use it if you need to scan for cloaked units while in battle. Many players like to use this to scout their opponent and see what they are building, although just run a unit into their base to scout instead, or many pro players will build a barracks and fly it over their opponents base. A barracks only cost 150 minerals where not casting a mule will cost you 300.

Supply Drop – This should only be used if you are supply blocked and have to produce units, you never want to use this in a normal game as a Supply Depot only cost 100 minerals and you should always have 1 SCV building Supply Depots for you and by doing this your wasting 300 minerals when you can spend 100 on another Supply Depot.

How to use Mules

The first thing you should always do at the start of each game, is set your Command Center to a Control Group hot key. I like to set mine to 5, this way you can quickly access it through out the game. The Hot key for a Mule is “E” so during the game I can double tap 5 to select and be taken to my Orbital Command Center, hit “E” and cast down a mule onto my Minerals.

When you cast a mule down make sure to cast it onto a Mineral and not just next to your Mining Field. By casting the mule onto a mineral patch it will auto start mining once it lands where if you cast it just near a mining field you manually have to click it onto a mining patch to start harvesting.

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Getting the Most out of Mules

When you take a look at a Mineral patch they are not all an even distance from your Command Center, there are a few that are closer and a few that are farther away. By casting the mule down on the closest mineral patch near your command center it will allow you to get an extra trip in before the mule expires this will add an extra 60 minerals per mule cast.

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