Starcraft 2: Terran Strategies and Tactics

Playing with the Terran in Starcraft 2 can be interesting, but very difficult. Here are some of the more robust rushes and tactics for your games, as you play with the Terrans.

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Reaper Rush

The Reaper unit is fast and far-ranged. It can jump cliffs and do light damage. The fastest normal infiltration with a Reaper is to build a Barracks and Refinery before the first supply depot, attach a tech lab to it as quick as you can, and get a Reaper out

This rush may end up crippling your economy, but it may be worth it. As always, the end-goal will be to inflict more damage than you incur.

In lower levels of play, groups of two or three Reapers will be preemptively gathered, but in higher-level play you should be more inconspicuous and bring a Reaper out as soon as it emerges from the Barracks.

Remember, Tier 1 melee units can't hurt you. Just take your shots with the Reapers, and you'll be fine. With their ability to jump cliffs, the Reapers' survivability and harassment potential are hugely increased.

M3 Ball

This unit composition, comprised of Marines, Marauders and Medivacs, is common to matches but surprisingly effective. They're robust, easy, and flexible.

The M3 ball is a great go-to strategy in so many situations: easy to mass, capable in both offense and defense, extremely mobile but still substantial. Marauders can dish out heavy anti-armor damage, Marines have great anti-air weaponry, and Medivacs have mobility and healing granting fliers.

The ball can serve many Terran players for the entire match. You can then push M3 Balls out and use them to examine weaknesses in enemy formations, destroy unsuspecting mineral lines, or fill cannons for Siege Tanks.

Marine Rush

Easy and simple. Get a bunch of Marines together, send them in a big group to the enemy's base, and watch the fun happen.

Move toward the enemy base, using the Marines' long weapon range and concentrated D.P.S. to painlessly eliminate any target of opportunity. The Marines may run back after each firing cycle; that way, they take fewer hits from melee units and don't get surrounded as easily by shorter-ranged units.

When you finally get your Marine force into the enemy's encampment, you have an opportunity to knock out the enemy economy -- and sometimes decide the game right then and there.

Hellion Opening

Hellions, the StarCraft Firebat-Vulture hybrid, can be used more and more often over the whole game. They are most effective early on, when few offensive units are available. Their linear splash damage effect makes them particularly suitable for killing workers - especially if these try to run away - and makes the Hellion one of the units most benefiting from good micromanagement.

A player always gets a fast Factory after the first Barracks (where a Reactor add-on is already built) and can start building Hellions right away. Devastating for your enemy's economy!

The Hellions will still be handy later on, if Zerglings, Banelings, Hydralisks, Zealots, and Dark Templars go against you. While they can't stomach many hits, the Hellions' long range lets them stay safely in the back of your army, preventing friendly fire damage.

The Terrans are a great race - one of the best in all of Starcraft 2. Use the above strategies to maximize your ability to enjoy some fantastic gaming sessions!

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