StarCraft 2: Terran Strategies for noobs (and you too)

Terran Strategies for Noobs

Written by MrOwl

Terran is a natural first choice for new players to the game due to their ease of understanding and their “human-relations.” It's probably why most people choose alliance over horde in World of Warcraft. However, we’ve heard that Terrans are losing more games than Protoss or Zerg. This may be because so many inexperienced players use Humans. This article is made to help you get-in-the-game and give you some strong, Terran strategies to use, or strategies your opponent might be using early game.

Considered the more moderate and safe of the strategies is the combination of Marines and Marauders. M&Ms are so sweet - they can stand up to just about any early game strategy. Considering this, it is important to attack early enough to not allow your enemy to tech-up to Banshees (especially with Cloak), Colossi, Dark Templar, or too many Tanks with Siege ability because they can all tear you to pieces!

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Even this group of surrounded M&Ms can take on a force of Protoss and Zerg!

To build up a sizable force of M&M fairly quickly you need a few barracks with attached Reactors and Tech Labs. Of course, some gas is vital to give you access to Reactors. But having just Marines isn’t enough, and the sooner you can start building Marauders the better, and you’ll need a steady stream of gas for those units.

The best benefit of M&M is the flexibility of the force. The both can attack land (with Rines also attacking air), go in bunkers, and effectively assault another player’s base. Most useful of all is that it acts like a mobile defense against those players who insist on getting into your base early - either through Vikings, Reapers, Stalkers, or any other means. Since you can’t easily defend your entire base early-on, your attack force is good at that. However, there is no be-all end-all strategy using just M&M, especially late game.

Next, is one of the riskier strategies - the Reaper Rush. Since Reapers can jump up and down cliffs, they can easily bypass defenses and get into an economy. However, by the time you take out a few workers, your opponent usually has your Reapers pinned-down under Marines, Zerglings, or Zealots. Since they go down quickly, you need to retreat up/down a cliff or have their speed upgraded if you wish to continue harassing your enemy.

This tactic requires implementation of both of your Vespene Geysers. You need Gas early to attach Tech Labs to your Barracks and begin pumping out Reapers. Naturally, the larger your Reaper force, the faster you can lay waste to your opponent’s base. But it leaves you open to a counter attack, even if your opponents economy is gone. So it’s important to nullify their economy early, or be building up a good defense while you’re raiding their base. This tactic can be used at any stage during the game, but it does get increasingly difficult later on due to an increase in defenses and offenses.

Make sure to Reap the benefits of this unit's jetpack by bypassing defenses and infiltrating your opponent's base.

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Perhaps the riskiest strategy is simply to tech as fast as possible - especially if your opponent attacks early and often. Using this strategy is inadvisable unless you have an ally whose forces will complement yours, or you are playing against a noob, or on a large map.

Teching to air units gives you the maneuverability to easily assault your opponent and their expansions or to retreat once your opponent brings on the heat. Banshees are an excellent choice if you’re expecting a large ground assault (such as an attack of M&M). Their cloak makes them especially good at base-raiding an opponent with poorly coordinated detection.

Vikings have been a very strong unit in my arsenal. When I upgrade their air-armor it stays with them when they morph to the ground. They can also avoid hard-counters such as Tanks, Banshees, Phoenixes, and Zerglings by simply morphing. Most rewarding of the Vikings is that if you can take out the enemy’s forces, you can quickly and cheaply build your fleet back with Starport-Reactors and quickly raid their base.

However, a combination of these two excellent fighters can give you a leg-up over anyone using both ground and air forces or defenses. The Banshee takes out ground forces easily while the Viking is an excellent air-air fighter, especially against capital ships. But they both fall easily to hordes of Mutalisks.

I haven’t seen a completely effective defensive system; however, Terrans usually have the best luck with defenses. This is because their best defense is simply their offense hiding in the bunkers.

Of course there are countless strategies. These are simply the easily coordinated and understood strategies that a majority of the Terran players use.

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