Starcraft 2: Terran Strategy – How to Win with SCV’s

How To Win With SCV's

Starcraft 2 SCV

Do you already know that it’s essential to ALWAYS produce new SCVs during a match? You have to produce more of them even after your main base is saturated. The reason for that is, that you will soon claim an expansion - and need a fresh group of SCVs immediately.

When this happens, you can take half of your SCVs from your main and transfer them to your expansion. If you only now start to get more workers you would need much longer to saturate both mineral lines. But even after saturating both bases you have to produce more of them. Your Terran strategy should be to always have some more SCVs than you actually need. Sooner or later your opponent will launch an attack and kill dozens of your SCVs - but you will be prepared and your economy will still be superior.

If you don’t have some extra workers now, your income will fall drastically and you have to wait until you get enough new SCVs to make up for the lost ones!

Sacrificing SCVs?

Here’s more advice. When you max your supply count but have to many workers your army size will be smaller than it should be. But that’s ok - just send them towards your enemy and wait until he kills off all of them. Now you can max your army and produce more fighting units like tanks.

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  1. Domino says:

    I agree! SCVs are essential if you want to win against good opponents. Always keep building them. It’s really hard to “have too much” SCVs when you’re starting out because most players don’t even build enough in the first place. I wonder where the cutoff point is though. Basically, what is the max number of SCVs do you want to have?

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