Starcraft 2: Terran vs Zerg – Hellion Harass Into Early Banshee Takedown

Written by D. Shi, Rank Gold

Here's a Terran vs Zerg strategy that will put you in great position early in the game. If you like keeping your opponent on the defensive and guessing what you're gonna do next you'll love this one. Try it out.

Here's the basics:

  1. Get some early Hellions out to harass
  2. Build Banshees and push early
  3. Expand if you don't straight up win

The Build Order:

  • 10 Depot
  • 11 Refinery
  • 13 Barracks
  • 16 OC (build 1 Marine too)
  • 17 Factory
  • 17 Reactor on Barracks (after Marine is finished)
  • 18 Depot (Built after OC is done and first MULE and SCV built from there)
  • 19 Refinery

From here, numbers become fluid.

What to do & when:

@ Factory completion (should be about when reactor finishes), swap on and build 2 Hellions. Use them to hit the enemy mineral lines to slow down his tech.
@ Factory completion, build first Starport.
@ Time when gas permits, build 2nd Starport.
@ First Starport completion, build Tech Lab.
@ Time when gas permits, drop a Tech Lab on your Barracks (to swap onto 2nd Starport)
@ Time when minerals permit, build 2 more Barracks (for a total of 3)


Build 2 Banshees when first possible, harass. Then build another 2 for a total of 4. Meanwhile, you want to have the rest of your army as Marines, and about 4 Hellions. (Less if the enemy went Roaches, maybe 2, just to deal with spawning lings)

Don't lose your Banshees in your harass. If you see he has grouped Queens, just retreat. But if you see an opening for example that is unguarded, take it. Just don't lose any.

Once that force is built, move out and attack the enemy (while expanding simultaneously). Chances are you'll win. Even if you don't, it's fine. Sometimes good opponents can decimate this push. Fall back, swap a Barracks onto Reactor, get an Armory and Tech Lab your Factory. Transition into a Banshee/Marine/Thor combination.

Take a third so you can throw down another 3 more Barracks and another Factory for Thors. Just overwhelm him from there. Mass Banshees have insane surgical strike ability with their DPS (take down unguarded expansions before they even know what has hit them), Marine has awesome DPS, same for Thor except it's a massive meatshield as well and totally voids Muta play.

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