Starcraft 2: Terran vs Zerg Strategy & Tactics Guide

Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy Basics

The Zerg in Starcraft 2 is a very mobile and quick race, which makes them difficult to play against as a Terran player. In a typical Terran vs Zerg matchup, Zerg will start off with some early Zerglings and get upgraded speed for them right away. Some players will opt to tech into Roaches, which will give your Hellions a hard time, while some will stick with Zerglings until they can get Mutalisks to rush your mineral line.

As a Terran player in this matchup, you will have basically two options, you can choose to get a lot of Factories and go mech, or you can get a lot of Barracks and go MMM. It's generally a bad idea to switch between these two any time during the game since it would require a lot of buildings to be built and others to not be used anymore.

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guideZerg players tend to expand like crazy, so one of your main jobs will be to do lots of scouting so you know where he has expanded and where he could be weak. Taking out expansions can really help you take the economic lead and prevent Zerg from teching as fast. On the other hand, you need to macro like crazy and expand whenever possible to get a massive economy up to support your war machine. To learn more about macro, check out this Starcraft 2 Guide.

Don't Forget To Include  Ghosts In Your MMM Army

Don't Forget To Include Ghosts In Your MMM Army

Starcraft 2 Terran MMM vs Zerg

If you decide to go mass infantry you'll have to watch out for a few things. First of all, you should work on getting a lot of Medivacs. Zerg will likely get Infestors which can cast Fungal Creep on your infantry and take a big chunk out of their life. Having enough Medivacs can really help with this. You'll want a nice mix of Marauders and Marines so you can fight off Zerglings, Roaches, or Mutalisks, depending on what he throws at you.

With mainly infantry in your army, you will be pretty susceptible to a Baneling attack, so be on the lookout and ready to micro your Marauders to the front if you see them coming. Going MMM you will inevitably have a lot of Barracks with Tech Labs. Use this to your advantage and make a lot of Ghosts in the mid to late game. The Ghost's Snipe ability is amazing against all Zerg units, including Ultralisks and Brood Lords. Plus just 2 Snipes can kill an Infestor at 10 range or EMP their energy away.

Siege Tanks Rip Apart Zerg Ground Units

Siege Tanks Rip Apart Zerg Ground Units

SC 2 Terran Mech vs Zerg

If you decide to go heavy Mech for your army against Zerg, you'll be relying heavily on Siege Tanks and Hellions, with some Thors in there for anti-air. Marines can also be added to fill in the gaps. Mech is a slower style of play and you'll want to slowly work your way towards your opponent, expanding in a line closer to him.

One of the worst things that can happen to your mech army is to be caught out in the open with your Siege Tanks unsieged. For this reason, you should always leap-frog your Siege Tanks closer to your opponent so there are always some able to fire and do that splash damage. Since you want your enemies units to stay as far away from the Tanks as possible, it's important to get a lot of Hellions to take out any Zerglings that try to swarm in.

As a mech player your army will be notoriously slow, so if Zerg drops units into the back of your base it's bad news. Position Siege Tanks around your base in key locations to defend as best as possible while you're not attacking. Keeping constant pressure on is a good way to keep your opponent from getting creative with drops and Nydus Worms.

Mid to Late Game Terran vs Zerg

After Roaches and Zerglings, most all Zerg players will tech up to Mutalisks at some point and try to take out your mineral fields. When you see a Lair or a Spire being built, throw up a couple missile turrets in your bases right at the corner of your Command Center to keep them off your workers. You'll need some anti-air in your army as well, which means Marines if MMM and Thors/Marines if mech.

As the game progresses, the Zerg player is going to keep moving up their tech tree until they can get Brood Lords. These things will take out your ground army extremely fast, so it's important to be ready for this attack when it comes. Be diligent with your scouting so you know when the Brood Lords will be coming.

To fight them off, you'll need a lot of Vikings to take them down and work through the Corruptors. Corruptors do a lot of damage to Vikings so they will need some ground support. Ghosts here are a key unit that can greatly help you take them out. Snipe works on Brood Lords, and while they do have a lot of hp, a few Ghosts with energy and Vikings can whittle down an attacking force fast.

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