Starcraft 2: The Benefit to play Campaigns, before PvP

Over the next couple of minutes you're going to find out exactly why going through all of the campaign's multiple times is going to make you legendary within Starcraft 2. You're also going to learn about the Wings of Liberty, single player campaigns, and multiplayer campaigns.

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guideBecoming legendary within Starcraft 2

In order to become one of the best players within Starcraft 2 you'll want to start off with the campaigns. Trust me... If you cannot complete these campaigns, you're not going to be strong enough to compete against the players online. Once you are able to handle yourself within the campaigns, you'll be ready to get on and fight for your stripes against other players. Decimate your enemies and level through the five ranks; which are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

The Terran campaign:

In order to become amazing at this game you're going to need to run through the Wings of Liberty and be completely familiarized with it. If I was you I'd play this campaign multiple times before moving online, and once your movements become fluid you will feel more confident about being able to defeat real players.
This particular campaign is also great as it runs through each unit and what they do, as well as teach you how to play the game at a basic level. It will also get progressively harder as you advance, which will be great for increasing your skills for online play.

Single Player Campaigns:

Whilst playing the single player campaign you'll be given a basic walk-through of the game and all of its functions as well as what each unit can do. They will also give you a very basic strategy of what you can do to win each scenario and it all ends with you having an epic battle between the mighty insect race the Zerg.

Multiplayer campaigns:

After you are finished with the single player campaigns you can start on the multiplayer campaigns, and truthfully this is where the fun starts as you can play these missions online or against the AI. There are tons of missions with different difficulty settings, so it's important that you become familiarized with all of them. Just like the other campaigns, I think that it's important for you to do them multiple times before competing online. I know that it may seem tedious to keep doing these missions over and over, but in all honesty it's going to help you hone and refine you skills so that one day... Maybe just one day, you can compete at the diamond level and that is where all the serious action is.

So now you know all about the best Starcraft 2 campaign strategy. You now know how you can use single player, and multi player campaigns to refine your skills so that one day you can compete with some of the best players in this amazing game.

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