Starcraft 2: The Fastest Way To Improve Your SC 2 Ladder Rank

Today I want to address a common problem that MANY players have in Starcraft 2. It is without a doubt the #1 reason they can't get their Bnet Ladder rank any higher.

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So what is it?

The #1 reason you may not be able to increase your ladder rank is that you don't play ranked 1v1's!

Sure this seems obvious, but many, many players are afraid to dive in and start playing other real people in Starcraft 2. Are you?

It's totally legit too, don't think that I'm making fun of you or anything. I do it too! I'll get in a rut where I won't play a game for a whole week or more, not necessarily because I didn't have the time (which does happen, no shame there) but I won't play because I'm afraid I'll lose. But the best way to get better at Starcraft 2 is to practice!'s easier to watch replays of Pros playing, but it doesn't actually make you any better unless you apply it to your own gameplay. Plus I think there's a certain amount of intimidation that comes when playing other people online. They can talk back to you and make fun of you if you do something stupid, which of course happens. But who cares? That person is somewhere across the country, you don't know them, and they should have no effect on you. Not to mention that they'd probably be embarrassed if they actually did know you and you found out who they were.

The whole point of Starcraft 2 is to have fun anyway! Plus once you get into the groove of playing 1v1's the competition makes it even more fun.

Set a rule for yourself if you have to. If you usually play team games because there's not as much 'pressure,' then make a rule for yourself that says you must play 2-3 1v1s before you move on to playing team games. You may even find that you really get into 1v1s and don't want to play many team games.  Either way, if you don't play 1v1 you'll never get any better at it. So get your game count and experience up and you'll improve fast!

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