Starcraft 2: The Ghost, the Raven and the Medivac

written by Leo Lambert

There are 3 mighty Starcraft 2 Terran Support Units that every Starcraft 2 Terran player should know. These will help you make an increase in the Terran win cycle when used correctly. The support units are used to destroy the enemy as well as increase the regular offensive units' strength. It is not the main army.

Starcraft 2 Terran Support Unit: Ghost

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The Ghost is a traditional support unit characterized by its own auto-attack. It possesses different special abilities better than the original Starcraft Ghost. One of its skills is called the Snipe which can easily damage 45 biological units. Another skill is called the EMP. This is the electromagnetic pulse which can inflict serious damage to Protoss and reduce their energy to zero. The EMP can also reveal cloaked units temporarily. The Ghost is highly effective when used against the Dark Templar, High Templar, Banshees, Infestors, and other units that rely on energy.

If you have a factory, you can build a Nuclear Missile for 200 vespene gas and 100 minerals at the Ghost Academy. The missile can be very useful because it can inflict a damage of 300 units within the area of attack as well as destroying 500 buildings and structures. With Personal Cloaking research, the Ghost can also cloak and become invisible at 25 initial energy and under just 1 energy per second.

Starcraft II Terran Support Units: Raven

The Raven is the most underused Starcraft2 Terran Support Unit. This unit is able to see cloaked units and also possesses unique abilities. With 50 energy, the Raven can build an Auto-Turret which can inflict significant damage to ground and air units. At 100 energy, it can block up to 10 missile attacks from the enemy. The Raven can also produce an anti-air missile with the research of the Seeker Missile. This can do massive damage to air units of the enemy.

SC2 Terran Support Units: Medivac

The Medivac is a Starcraft2 Terran Support Unit that combines the functions of the Medivac and Dropship into one unit. It can heal friendly biological units such as the Infantry and even a Zerg player’s friendly units. It can also transport ground units to the air. With the Medivac, you will have the power of the Marauders and the Marines. This makes make the Medivac popular.

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