Starcraft 2: Ultimate Cheese Strategy Against Protoss/Zerg

No ifs, ands, or buts. This IS a cheese strategy. However it doesn't work against Terran. You will win about 50% of the games you play all through the Bronze league. So if you plan to do this, and you are matched against Terran, leave the match.

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The game commences send all your workers to attack the enemy base.

Set your rally point to the minerals and create your first worker you can send this one as well as another one you create during the fight period to help destroy the enemy base if they refuse to leave after being defeated.

It is fun and amusing as the more you do it the more efficient your worker rush will become.

Why we don't do this against Terran? Because they can just lift off, which defeats the purpose of the cheese.

Notably there are some worker killing micro tricks to be aware of such as mineral walking through workers who are auto attacking your workers, so when you have a worker low on health points to escape a surround by your opponent find a mineral patch North/East/West/South in the direction you want to be pulled towards. This can be off screen or the opponents mineral patch, your harvester will then phase through an opposing worker including your own attacking harvesters. Also when you do this auto attacking harvesters will instantly lose priority of that mining worker regardless of his health points, therefore you can subjugate damage done by mineral phasing with this simple micro trick.

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