Starcraft 2: Understanding Harassment, what it means to you

By using harassment effectively in Starcraft 2, you can completely disadvantage your opponent, by insisting that he concentrates on stopping your harassment as opposed to building more resources. Harassment is a vital element of the SC2 game.

Knowing what Starcraft 2 harassment techniques are viable and not, depends on your understanding of the abilities of each of the different races. You will probably already know that each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, and by learning what these are before you start your battle, puts you in a far better position to launch an early harassment.

Starcraft 2 harassment is all about restricting your opponent from building and mining. Through mining operations, he will be able to build an economy which in turn allows his to build key buildings, and amass a strong force. If you are able to divert his attention into defending against our early attack on his fledgling resources, he will not be able to concentrate on amassing his force. He will be too busy trying to work out exactly what you are doing, and rebuilding anything you manage to destroy.

This is basically known as "gaining economic advantage over your opponent" and you can effectively carry this harassment out by killing off his workers, or by interrupting their mining capacity. Once you have managed to achieve this, you then destroy one or more key buildings or units, making sure that whatever it is that you destroy is something of immense value to your opponent’s ability to effectively produce more resources. The ultimate outcome of this type of maneuver is that your opponent needs to focus on rebuilding his ability to produce, and not on attacking you. All the time he is rebuilding your damaged units, he is also spending valuable resources to do so.

In a sense, the damage that you cause through this type of move is the same damage that would be caused in a full on battle. The main difference between the two is that with the harassment techniques, you are going to use as little of your own resources as possible to create the most impact. The key outcome from a successful Starcraft 2 harassment tactic is to keep your enemy on the defensive and not allow him to focus on offensive strategy.

In all honesty, if you are able to initiate a number of harassment techniques, you are in a great position to actually control the direction of the overall game. If you are the one launching the harassment, you are the one in the offensive position, and your enemy is continually defending his base against your attacks. However, never get too complacent because an opponent who understands quickly, and can implement counter measures, could in fact turn your Starcraft 2 harassment against you. If this were to happen, you are then in a position of having to defend against his moves, and your previously thought out plans, may be completely ineffective. At the least, you would need to revisit your plans and amend them where necessary.

written by Clare Al-Aufi

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