Starcraft 2: Vikings, Lord Of The Harass

Throughout Starcraft 2 there's one thing that everyone can do and few actually pull it off and that thing is harassment. When you can remain one degree above your challenger by utilizing harassment strategies, you will probably bag a secure victory in the long run. This is particularly valid when trying to play as Terran. With this information I will reveal the fundamentals of efficient Terran harassment.

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Vikings tend to be perhaps one of the best Terran units. Plenty of beginners can quickly disregard these as "worthless" simply because they do not target ground units unless of course in assault mode. However as soon as you start to see their particular effectiveness you are going to quickly have a change of heart.

One of the better maps for Viking harassment is Kulas Ravine. A 1v1 map which includes a large amount of higher ground looking over expansion areas. This is often notably efficient versus Zerg given that they have almost no anti-air during the beginning of the game. In the event the Zerg player expands early (And nine times out of ten this is true!) construct a Starport and produce several Vikings. It is possible to lower them upon the higher ground just looking over the expansion. This provides them an ideal advantage to destroy drones and hurt their economy. What's even better is that your challenger will be unable to notice them since they will be up high and out of view. Next as soon as the defender has taken his army up it is possible to fly away with the Vikings and move them at the rear of his mineral line in their main base. This technique really is easy but could result in a mortal blow towards all of your competition.

Strategies similar to this will also be beneficial when trying to play versus a Protoss player too. The Vikings on the other hand really should not be employed as being a main attack unit because they perform poorly generally in most ground fights. Feel free to use the Vikings to harass and draw attention away as you produce sufficient Marines and Marauders in order to secure victory. This really is a powerful technique for Terran.

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