Starcraft 2: Why to stick with one race

Written by Taerix

Playing with all three races can be lots of fun and very useful way to learn the units, tech trees, and abilities of each race. But if you really want to climb up the ladder and start winning more games, you should focus on just 1 race.

Here's why...

Top Starcraft II Strategy GuideTo be an effective Starcraft 2 player, you're going to need a strategy for each matchup you play in. No one strategy will be effective against all 3 races. That means if you play Terran you should have a strategy in mind for Terran vs Zerg, Terran vs Protoss, and Terran vs Terran.

So if you want to try and get better at all 3 races at the same time you'll need to memorize 9 different strategies instead of just 3. I don't know about you, but I just don't have time or the memory to do that.

Starting today, pick one race that you enjoy playing and focus completely on learning the best strategies for that race in each matchup.

But don't just pick the race that you've heard is "the best." You should play the race that you like playing the best. No matter what the forums say, no one race is better than the others. Blizzard does a great job balancing the game so don't get caught up in all the "over-powered" talk.

The point of playing Starcraft 2 in the first place is to have fun, so don't settle playing just to win, but to have fun. You'll enjoy it a lot more and end up getting better faster because of it.

Once you decide which race you're going to focus on playing, grab a strategy guide to learn proven strategies instead of all the guesses that you'll  find on the forums. Which strategy guides do we recommend? We recommend strategy guides which were written by real players, like Joana's or Shokz. Either of these guides are top notch and both are ever evolving. You can get more info on Shokz Starcraft II guide or check out Joana's Starcraft 2 guide.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

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