Starcraft 2: Zerg build order – Counter Fast Protoss Immortal Push

Written by by Inku

How to Counter the Fast Protoss Importal Push, as Zerg

As with any strategy, you need to know what your enemy is building,prior to them building it, so be sure to scout your enemy as soon as possible. If you determine that (s)he is going to do an Immortal Push, then switch to this build order immediately.

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BUILD ORDER: Zerglings + Roach vs Immortal Push.

  • 10 Overlord
  • 14 Spawning Pool
  • 16 Queen
  • 17 Overlord
  • 18 Gas, Queen, Roach Warren
  • 18 Zerglings
  • 18 Hatchery at Expand
  • 3 Drones on gas as soon as it pops
  • 24 Overlord at 24 when the first larvae injection pops

@100 gas ling speed
@100 next gas Lair

  1. 2nd gas
  2. Make 4 or 5 Roaches
  3. Make a ton of Zerglings (normally when the 2nd larvae injection pops)
  4. His push should arrive just before your lair finishes, defend with Queens,  a lot of lings and your 5 roaches. The number you need to defend it is crucial, normally 20 lings and 5 roaches plus 2 queens are enough, save queens mana to heal roaches or the queens.
    • If he expands, make more drones now and the 3rd gas in order to make 2 evo and upgrade missle + carpace
    • If he doesnt, Hydra Den and start roach + hydra + ling non stop beacuse there will be a 2nd push with a colossus that if you defend you have won.

This build fends off everything if you do it properly.

Vs 2 Gate:

You have your early roach and you can delay lair and ling speed (dont even need it) for roaches to push while getting more drones.

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Vs 1 Gate Starport:

  • If he goes Phoenix you have 2 queens that should be enough till hydras are out.
  • If he goes Void Ray he will be at your base with 2 void rays at 7:45, your first hydras should pop at 8:10 or so, thats 25 game seconds that you need to hold off, i recommend saving some mana for queens whenever you get to lair in order to make each queen heal the other, maybe you lose one of them, no problem he has no ground army and you have hydras.
  • If he goes immortal push you can defend with your roaches and ling speed till your hydras are out, if he delays it, it's hydra roach ling vs 1 colossus 2 immortals and some zealots, you have more than enough units at that point and he is making an all in because he cant take his expo if he makes the colossus.
  • If he makes the immortals but expoes instead of pushing you can pump drone of 2 base 2 queen and upgrade properly. Hydra roach combo with upgrades melts protoss army, you can also make a spire at this point if you like the muta transition and skip the hydras instead.

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