Starcraft 2: Zerg Scouting and Harassing Strategy

Scouting is important to being able to win in SC2. An advanced player will shift their build and other tactics based on what their foe is doing. If you want to get to Diamond League game play in Starcraft 2, you will need to become extremely skilled at scouting. If you're good at scouting you'll be able to see your opponent's attack coming way before they are at your doorstep and have no possibility of emerging victorious, which will give you the ability to retaliate their move in a victorious way.

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For members of the Zerg race, scouting is essential because their troops usually focus on one ability. Harassing the foe as you are scouting him out is very helpful game plan to execute. You will not only be able to investigate what your enemy is building, but you will also have the ability to slow his advancement down, giving you insight for what you have to construct for a counterattack. Mutalisks should be used in connection with Zerglings as a method of effectively annoying your opponent while you scout him out. Be certain to use what you discover from your scouts with these Zerg macro techniques so you can really get the most from your newfound knowledge.

Spying early in the game will usually not tell you too much about your opponent's tech tree, but will let you know if you're about to get rushed or not. For example, if you're spying on Terrans and they have a working Refinery up before they have built their Barracks, you will probably be infiltrated by Reapers. If you are fighting Protoss and they've erected 2 Gateways prior to their Cyber Core is completed, and there is no vespine gas, then you should anticipate a Zealot rush attack.

Usually, your Overlord can perform the early game spying to ensure you are not being rush attacked, so you do not need to use your drones as scouts. However, it is a smart idea to deploy in a Drone scout if your Overlord is not able to locate the enemy headquarters, especially in close air positions with 4 player maps. A surefire plan that can be initiated against every race in the war is to dispatch in 1-2 Drones to your enemy's headquarters to look around in the early stages of the game. Once they are threatened by the prospect of being eliminated, produce an extractor within your foe's base. Each time your opponent is near killing it, just cancel it and spawn another one. By performing this trick, you will delay your enemy's technology upgrades by tying up their vespine gas. It is important to remember that you have to cancel the Extractors extremely fast so you can elude a 75 mineral loss - the elimination of both your Drone and the Extractor.

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