Starcraft 2: ZvP How to Counter Sentries

If you are playing a Zerg vs Protoss match, Sentries can give you a tough time. They can bring disaster for our Zergling army. These days people are increasingly using Sentries because of their skill to create walls. This allows them to kill our Zergling army without taking any damage at all. In this guide, we will see how to counter Sentries when playing a Zerg vs Protoss match.

As you start, if you find your opponent going for Sentries, then do not make Zerglings. Tech up quickly to lair. Get Hydralisks as your main army. We are not going for roaches since they are armored and stalkers do extra damage on armored. Hence roaches die really quickly. Here you need ranged attack so that we can hit them behind those safety walls. Avoid making mutalisks as they also perish really quickly against Sentries and stalkers.

Once you get some hydralisks, attack sentries. You want to fight in an open base and do not get cornered or narrowed down. If your opponent is a very good Protoss player, he may go for Colossus. In that case you might want to get some Infestors ready. Attacking main Protoss base is not recommended as they may wall it off and take out your entire hydralisk army. Instead, expand your base and prevent them from doing so.

This was yet another simple, but quite useful Starcraft 2 strategy which is very useful to counter sentries. You can find more of such advanced level strategies at Shokz SC2 Diamond Guide.

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