Starcraft 2: ZvT – Infestor Domination Strategy

So here is another really good Starcraft 2 strategy that one might employ in a Zerg vs Terran game. Zerg's investor is a very powerful unit and can prove quite useful in a Zerg vs Terran match. This is because, Infestor is very good versus groups of bio-units like Marauders. It is also unstoppable against and can withstand Thor as well as Tank. In this guide, I will share how to make optimum use of Infestor and when you should avoid using them when fighting a Terran opponent.

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Scouting is very important. It allows you to know what your opponents are up to. Use Overlord to hover over the Terran base. Find out what they are into. See what they are building and how they are expanding.

This will help you to understand what kind of Strategy you want to go for. Your unit might probably get killed on this mission. However, whatever you learn from this will definitely prove useful in planing further strategies

Okay, now back to the topic. If the Terran opponent is building Marines and Marauders with Medivacs, then I suggest that you go for Infestor-Zergling combination. Zerglings will help you keep their Marines and Marauders occupied. Meanwhile, use Infestor's Fungal Growth to finish them off. Fungal growth deals 36 damage to the entire Protoss army that you are fighting and whatever is left will be taken care by your Zerglings.

Now, if your Terran opponent goes for Thors or Tanks, then again use Zerglings to keep them busy. This time, instead of Fungal Growth we use Neural Parasite. This will allow you to control their units for a while and that's enough to win the game. Take care of remaining units with Zerglings.

So to conclude, Infestors can be really useful and they do have their own unique use in a Zerg vs Terran match. There are several of such strategies that you can come up with. Playing at platinum league levels is difficult and challenging. I bought an advanced Starcraft 2 strategy guide for this.

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