StarWars Galaxy: How to get 40k health

Written by Kay-Droma

This 'short' and sweet guide will point you in the right direction, if you like your red and green bars to have very high values! Anyone can do this, it does, in places, require specialist/rare stuff that you all might not have... but you can still achieve high values without this!
I have done the guide in 4 steps, with certain buffs in each step. The reason for this is for simplicity, and it goes from long duration buffs... to short duration buffs.
The numbers in blue are how much health you are getting from each buff.

Ingredients Buffs

For Step One, you will need

- +35x2 Armour, with constitution/stamina.
- All exotic slots must have +35 cons/stam aswell. The total amount of socketed pieces you can have is 13. +4550
- Bando with constitution/stamina. Alternative - Tusken Backpack.
- Any armour with +health mod is nice, too. +~350

For Step Two, you will need
- 5 peice heroism set. Alternative - Colonel ring, + +25 cons/stam jewellery from the heroic instances. +1500
- Ent buff with 150 cons / 150 stamina. +1500
- A full group with a master pilot to take you to the ISD instance, resulting in the +250 cons buff. +2000
- Village buff crystal(s) from the Pre-NGE villiage. +2000
- Aurellian Crystal which gives you +150 stamina. +300

For Step Three, you will need
- A medic who can cons/stam (rank 3) buff you. +2500
- A mouse droid familiar (try and borrow one - thats what I did) +320
- Constitution Powerups of value 100 - 115+. Higher the BETTER obviously +2640
- Lulrus Mushroom pie food (try bazarr) Try to get this, but as an alternative, use Breath of Heaven. +1000
- Spice which adds both +stam and +cons +500
- grouped an officer, with tactics (mark 6) +560
- grouped with a player with favour of the elders +200

For Step Four, you will need
- The medic banner, or a medic friend who has one (granted at Stim E, or at captain rank). +800
- Colonel Inspiration buff (or, again, a friend who can use it near you). +960
- Offensive mustafar shard Or defensive shard, no difference. +960
- Strange sith holocron. +1500
- Lair crystal. +600

- Finally, the Rare Nova Crystal. Make sure this is the last thing you apply. It adds 10% to your current health. Without this, you might struggle to hit 40k health. You can still get pretty close, though, by using the shard of retaliation in its place. If you do not have this, use a shard of retaliation.

If you think you can access all of these (or most of them), then your on the right track. Read the method below, and check the buffs (colour coded to each step) for best results!

Note: You may think I have missed things, such as officer tactical serum, or the omega hormone. The reason for this is that they do not stack with better giving constitution buffs, and therefore are not needed.


First Step - Your armour/shirt/weapon has 13 socket spaces, all of which add +35 cons and +35 stam. I used tusken which was 50 less health, because I had no space in my inventory to not use a backpack, and honestly could not be bothered to empty it. My armour was health modded +50 on every piece apart from gloves and boots, which gave me an additional 350 health. At this Stage, I have 17,750 health.

Second Step - Long term buffs: Put on your 5 peice heroism (or alternative), get an Ent buff of 150 cons / 150 stamina, take a group of 8, with a master pilot piloting to get the ISD travel buff of +250 cons. Add your villiage buff crystals (1 has +250 cons, the other +500 action) and your aurellian crystal (largest size) from the new villiage, which gives +150 stam. At this Stage, I have around 25,050 health.

Third Step - Land in restuss SP (so you can show off SMILEY) apply medium your term buffs: Cons and Stam medic buffs, drop a mouse droid familiar, apply your powerups, food, and spice. Make sure favour of the elders is up too. In addition, you need an officer in the group for the 'tactics' group buff, here. At this Stage, I have around 32,770 health.

Fourth Step - Apply the short term 'burst' buffs; drop the medic banner, and then activate (or get a friend to activate) the colonel buff. Then put on offensive (or defensive) burst shard, followed by strange sith holocron. Then add your lair crystal. At this Stage, I have around 37,590 health.

When and only when ALL this is done, you add the rare nova crystal, or, if you don't have it, shard of retaliation. Adding 10% to this value, I would hit 41,349. Adding a shard of retaliation instead, I would hit 39,190.

NOTE!: With GU5, you can now increase your health further. 250 health enhancement on weapon and shirt, + and extra 14 cons on each, would increase your health by a total of 724.

Good luck to all of you! Note - obviously you don't need to be a medic to do this, but I am a medic, and this guide is for medics! And yes, I made a few mistakes the first time around, which is why my health is 40k not 41k in the picture!

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