StarWars Galaxy: SWG Pets and their Use

written by Mark of mogs

This time around I’m going to talk about the pets I use in SWG and what I use them for. First off let me just say the SWG has made it easier for you to level your pet to level 90, its nice and you wont need to use the XP bonus stims anymore.

The pet I use the most is my Nexu hes a 60 point pet and because I have full Beast Master skills he does some wicked DPS. That goes for all of my pets except for my Kliknik. My Nexu has a Damage of 1030-1583 with a base DPS of 871. He has all 4 abilities, as do all of my pets, Bite 4, Claw 5, Provoke 5, and Slash 5. the provoke comes in handy for running instances. here is a pic of my Nexu.


Nexu - Most Used


This one is my Rancor. Hes my goto pet for PvP. He’s also a 60point pet but i need to get a better Shaken ability for him. Here are his stats. Damage 1005-1545 with a base DPS of 850. he has Charge 5, Dampen Pain 4, Shaken 1, and Stomp 5. It’s the Stomp and Charge that make him so helpful in PvP. Stomp is an AoE attack and Charge will root the target, good for catching a Jedi on the run. here’s a pic of my Rancor.

Rancor Pet

Rancor - PVP Pet


This next pet is a 60 pointer too but I don’t use her that often, mostly for show. The coveted Kimogila. She doesn’t have all 4 of her abilities yet because I have yet to learn them myself. Her Damage is 1038-1596 and base DPS of 878 but her abilities are only Bite 4, Disease 2, and Provoke 5. If I had all level 5 abilities for her I think she’d be my goto pet for PvP. here is a pic of my Kimogila. imagine if I had all lvl 5 abilities, I’d love it.

SWG Kimogila Pet


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Here is a pet that I have just because he reminds me of a little green Jedi that we all know, Yoda. Hes a finicky little guy and isin’t always happy. Hes a 55 point Woolamander and hes green too, and I named him something close to Yoda. He serves his purpose well and I can use him for just about anything but hes usually used when I’m fighting ranged opponents. His stats are as follows, Damage 912-1402 base DPS 771. His abilities are Bite 4, Disease 2, Defensive 4, and Provoke 5. As you can see the Provoke is in there again. It really helps keep aggro off of you.

Woolamander SWG Pet



This one is my first level 90 pet, hes only a 37 point pet but he packs a whallop. Hes a Kliknik. I can use this pet for PvP or PvE it doesn’t matter he gets the job done. For only being a 37 pointer hes really tough his Damage is 953-1467 and base DPS is 806 and he has Slash 5, Claw 5, Dampen Pain 4, and Damage Poison 4. All of the stats I have here for my pets in SWG were taken while they were Ecstatic. It really helps to keep them happy.

SWG Kliknik Pet



I hope this gives some of you a reason to level up a pet in SWG or try the BM profession. I don’t make the pets I just use them to KILL!!!!

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