Maybe along side your post and my web page of …

Comment on System Protection… use it or lose it by TomRiddle.

Maybe along side your post and my web page of recomeended security and utilities, a list of free software would be in order

I plan to get a new pc in 2011 (if I can stand to wait that long) With my just replaced power supply, and video card and two year old replaced harddrive the four year old might make it till then, and I might have cleared up my debts enough to afford it by then:) Plus I did just get a new monitor (might have to return it though an abnormal amount of discolored pixels when viewing text) so that is already bought:)

For the new pc I was thinking of not moving much more than my favorites and loading clean the games etc

BUT I wasn’t going to buy word, or an image editor or security

the security we have talked about, the programs we havent


I am getting ideas

Gimp for photos or even the online imagemajik from my webtv days



VLC media player

By then guess I’ll be forced to take whatever version of windows 7 is out there (sighs wish xp could last forever:)

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System Protection… use it or lose it
Well Spitt,

2011 is coming up fast what are your security recommendations, have they changed?

For new rpg-exploiter readers this post might lead them to search for all your security topics and then to other off topic things like the great two part series on blackjack!

Maybe you should do a retrospective of your best posts of 2010?

System Protection… use it or lose it
I was always asked by co-workers about computers, so eventually made a site about what security and utilities I use and could recommend

I list all I use including Cnet links………

I use avast, spybot is bugged for me now but it was my first utility, i have about 12 things but all are shut down only the firewall and avast run full time.. then I run 2 or 3 at a time of my stand alones

I keep my start menu prunned at one time had 63 apps/processes running at once as all the defense stuff wanted to run full time as they “improved: so stripped that down to 29 and the old pc is frisky again on its fourth birthday….

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World with Friends-Scrabble – Become a high scorer
I was more of a bridge prodigy when I was a kid playing against my sister’s fiancee and his friends all college math majors and twice my age, and after the national surge to chess durring the Fischer/Spaasky world championship, I discovered I liked Scrabble best of all

I used to read my OSPD (Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary) to sleep, particularily the Q, X, Z, K, and Y words. Nowdays I would be studing the

Official Tournament and Club Word List or Tournament Word List, referred to as OTaCWL, OWL, or TWL, is the official word authority for tournament Scrabble in the USA, Canada[1] and Thailand. It is based on the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD) with modifications to make it more suitable for tournament play. Its British counterpart is Chambers Official Scrabble Words, and the combination of the two word lists is known as SOWPODS.

Two letter play is a must so I used this 2 letter word list, that shows the front and back one letter hooks and added the international words and made it printable

Most of those 2 letter words don’t look like real words, so someone added definitions:

The list of 3 letter words with their front and back hooks is too big to make into a printable but is here:

just the words no hooks:

As Spitt mentioned being able to play the high letter tiles is a must so studying the 2 and 3 letter lists can really help increase your score…. playing an X at the right spot to get the tripple letter bonus twice because you knew ax, ex, xi, and xu were words it is always great to get over 50 points for two tiles!

There are some online tools to help sharpen your game:

Hooks are a great way to build your score. Find the one letter that can be added to the front of each of the words below to form another very common word.

The OSPD crabble® hallenge

Free crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool that rivals the best players in the world!

A few years ago I played the odd game of Scrabble with someone I’ll dub “the drama queen” considering that she came to me for help in her college english courses (me with my lowly high school diploma) she was a good player, BUT her youngest was in the terrible twos stage and trying to keep a running game going (she rarely had more than 30 minutes at a time to play) was a disaster so I made the next two printables to keep track of our games, we played regular Scrabble when at my house and Super Scrabble at hers. The charts allow for both and tile counting, space for words played:

black and white:

An official National Scrabble Association contestant score sheet:

if you notice they PROVIDE a space to cross off tiles, so “tile counting” isn’t cheating, it’s just smart play

I mostly play boggle at pogo now, as Scrabble does take a long time and it is frustrating when your opponent drops out of the game….it sure is hard to find someone who will actually play to the finish even if they are being beaten like a drum…

In this day of online Scrabble/anagram tools like: and Boggle word finders World With Friends it is hard to play against “cheaters” so that is the main reason I play Boggle as I play against the game itself, did I find at least one of the longest possible words? ALL the 5 to 6 letter words? In pogo Boggle you can often spot the ones using the word finders as there is always a pause at the start of each game as they enter the grid into their word finders I sometimes comment on that between games when the pause PLUS unbelievable high scores occur

Highest Single Move “Words With Friends” Score

Words With Friends Rulebook

FYI Lotro -> Change your passwords
oh sure I have 243 logins attached to my lastpass account

BUT there are so few pass word managers out there and this one is by the people who make the security you usually reccomend here I thought I would mention it…

plus lastpass had those two? being hacked incidents last year and this being based on roboform which I havent heard as being hacked…. peaked my interest

About Battle Pirates
the video links don’t show for me live even though they are visible in edit mode

Battle Pirates: Facebook Gameplay Trailer

Battle Pirates Gameplay

Battle Pirates My Base Layout

Battle Pirates Beta – Fully Upgraded Base

Battle Pirates – Fear vs Francisco, Base Under Attack

Battle Pirates: Mission Log Book Secret
no worries Spitt, what else do I have to do:) The game looks interesting from the videos looks like the most fun is waiting for someone to attack you while they think “no one is home” and blast’em

More Freebies
aw Spitt yerve taken me next post ya scaliwag (just went through one of those horrid talk like a pirate days, sorry)

The list that I’ve been compiling and sending to friends has: (may contain duplicates)

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