I posted the security software as both the best in …

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I posted the security software as both the best in free protection, and the need to have this info available because of game hackers and trojan programs out there.

As for a list of need to have software… idk. It really depends on your usage and what you plan to do with the software, or what your overall goal is for your computer is.

One of the sites I visit everyday is http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ Most of the time, the software is crap, but once in a while, you get a real gem. I got Revo Uninstaller from there, and it’s something I use everyday.

I use OpenOffice for dox/spreadsheets, Paint.NET for image editing, and Digsby for messaging. I don’t actually use Chrome very often, but I have all the major browsers installed, including Safari, so i can see how my sites display.

I use uTorrent (beta version) for torrents, VLC for movies, Winamp for music, and Skype for secure chatting. I have a ton of software and FF plugins I use for various things, but to really list them all, doesn’t make sense. It would be better to ask others what they use for a given task, and go from there.

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System Protection… use it or lose it
As this point, nothing has changed. These are still my security recommendations – though I do not have a 64 bit OS, nor do I have Mac OSx, so the general rules still apply. Should something change, I will be sure to note it and edit the post.

I have been to some pretty shady sites, and have no problems what-so-ever with visiting them, with my security measures in place.

System Protection… use it or lose it
Decided to add to this list, now includes other handy tools (Other handy tools; PCTools’ Password Generator, KeePass Password Safe, CCleaner, Defraggler, Revo Uninstaller, & HijackThis) and Sand Boxie.

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