Worst Paid Leveling Guides to Buy

When we're talking about leveling guides, a lot of them, are very well written, where they will tell you to go here, do that, kill this, go here, turn in quest, etc.  Those guides are great, and there are a lot great guides for that.  FTW Guides, Joana's, Kozen's, Zygor, Spugnort's, Goblin's etc.  However this little tip is not about the good guides, but rather about the bad guides.  These kind of guides, read more like an unofficial manual, which tell you what characters can do, they tell you to use the Bazaar, Auction House, Marketplace, Trading Post, and to sell recipes to make money. For leveling, they will give you the basics, you could pick up out of the manual.

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Worst Paid Leveling Guides

So here's my tip.  If you ever want to pick up some leveling or class guides, for any game - DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy from Killer Guides nor from Prima guides.  These are by far, the worst guides, you can ever waste your money on.  You will end up spending countless amounts of money thinking you will be getting a guide to help you play your class better, to level quicker, or even to make more money, then the other guy that didn't read the guide...  It's a fat lie, and the guides are only there to take your money, to make the guide sellers rich, not you.

But wait, there's more.  There's another gold guide out there, that likes to regurgitate the same thing, across games as well.  This guide is called gold-secrets.  The author who made it, started with World of Warcraft, then made one for Age of Conan, and later Warhammer Online.  I do not know if the author made any for any of the new games out, like Champions Online or Aion, or ???  However, the one thing I do know is the way you can always tell when he writes a crappy guide, or that the guide is his.  He always writes on his pitch page "Gold Sellers Hate Me!"  What makes this guide so bad, is that he does all the basic things and offers generalized tips like buy low, sell high... or use the auction house to sell, use an auction addon, et cetera.  What made this guide stand out? When he released his Age of Conan guide, he used a simple word replacement from World of Warcraft to Age of Conan. He did forget to change Auction House to Trading Post as well.

Worst Paid Leveling Guides - TL;DR

So here it is in summary.

  • Do not buy Killer Guides
  • Do not buy Prima Guides
  • Do not buy Gold-Secrets, or anytime where the pitch page says "Gold Sellers Hate Me!"

Hopefully you have read this and takes to heart, the Worst Paid Leveling Guides for World of Warcraft.

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