Warhammer Online: Must Have addons

This is our list of must have addons for Warhammer, and why we consider them must have. 

Dammaz Kron, The Great Book of Grudges!

Intends to record all your PVP deaths, shared victories and deathblows in order to help you in revenging your grudges and knowing your enemies 😉
In this new part of the Tome of Knowledge, you can find all your last interactions entries split into 3 parts (Open RvR, Scenario and Overall). Each of those parts, display a list that can be sort up and down by Career, Name, Level, Deathblows, Victories, Deaths, Score or Date. Then by clicking on a Name, you can access to an enemy's profile page and see his RvR stats.

  • Deathblows are added when you finish off an opponent.
  • Victories are added when you help to kill an opponent.
  • Defeats are added when an opponent kills you.
  • The score is the difference between deathblows and defeats.

I really enjoy this addon, it is helpful for when I am running around playing my Chaos Zealot and I get ganked near ORvR areas or just get very fed up with a White Lion in the Scenarios and come back with my Choppah.

Character View Expanded Stats (CaVES)

takes the five stats category groups that can only be viewed one at a time in the standard Character View and displays them all at once in a single window. This allows players to see the many stats that change and are affected by a single or multiple equipment changes as well as other stat modification events. CaVES is a perfect tool for all classes and all levels, allowing easier optimizing of all character stats.

Now THIS is a wonderful Addon. It helps me out greatly when I need to decide on which pieces of gear I should use, whether or not I should swap out my shiny RvR earned set for a seemingly better piece and if it's worth losing the set bonus et cetera.


A widely customizable quest tracker, built to replace the built-in tracker. It allows you to...

  1. filter quests depending on zone, RVR status, status and more
  2. enables fully customizable sorting of the tracked quests
  3. auto hiding of quest conditions
  4. layout customization, including various colors, fonts and alignment
  5. ability to select objects "behind" the quest tracker frame
  6. easy access to full quest description in the tome

"Tired of the built-in quest tracker? Want more customization options? Want to click through the quests to target mobs and object behind the tracker? Install Kwestor!"

While I really, really love being able to click though the tracker and the better, refreshing look of it. However I am a little bothered by the size of the font as I haven't really gone in and bothered trying to customize it perfectly.


A basic library for registering slash commands in the WAR interface.

With LibSlash installed, you'll also be able to use /addon or /uimod to open the Addons window in-game.

This addon is a must have if you have other Addons relying on custom /slash commands. and the addon config command is very handy, however I have found that this does not work with some of the newer addons that have custom slash commands.


Squared is a highly-customizable unit frame addon similar to the widely-known WoW addon "Grid". It provides a very compact view of health for you, your group, your warband, or your scenario. Clicking on a square will target the associated player.

This addon is simply beautiful. As a Zealot I am constantly buffing and healing people in warbands and parties, Squared makes selecting my group members and monitoring their health MUCH easier.

Squared - Healbot

SquaredHealBot provides mouse-click healing inside the Squared unit frames. You select a combination of modifiers, like ALT, SHIFT, CONTROL to be assigned to a certain spell. When you hold down those keys and left-click on your target, it will cast that spell on the selected target. If you have "clear target" enabled (it is off by default), it can clear your target after the spell has been cast. You cannot assign right-mouse clicks until Mythic allows it, but you can assign spells to any combination of modifiers and a left-mouse click.

Again, as a Zealot I am constantly buffing and healing, this addon makes it THAT MUCH MORE simpler and efficient to do. with a simple alt + click on someone's name I am able to use my Dark Medicine ability right away and then click on someone elses name and cast Flash of Chaos to give them a quick patch over. VERY beautifully working addon indeed and highly recommended for people who constantly buff and have to interact with their warband.

Tome Titan

This add-on is designed to display data ingame in an easily readable format. It includes sections for Bestiary, Lore/History, Noteworthy Persons, Cultivation information, Lair Locations and Exploration/Pursuits information --with more categories planned on the way!
In short: Tome Titan is to help keep you from having to alt tab.


  • List all known Bestiary, History/Lore, and Noteworthy Persons unlocks.
  • You can toggle hiding completed entries!
  • Easily can be expanded to include any information you want!
  • Native support for popular Bar/Board add-ons!
  • Adds a button to your minimap for easy access -- the button can be hidden via slash commands or moved via layout editor.
  • Constantly updating the Data files for known unlocks, check back often to stay current!
  • In game Change Log section accessed via the Tome Titan "FAQ and Credits" page will keep you up to date on all changes we make in each release.

I have saved the best for last, this addon makes gathering Tactics and Tokens such a breeze it's ridiculous, the only issue I have with it is a few entries for unlocks are either vague or poorly written. A must have if you like becoming immersed in the Lore like myself. The unlockable perks aren't bad either

If you have any other must have addons, please share them with us, and explain why they are on your must have list.

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