Wintergrasp Strategies

I have been playing Wintersgrasp in World of Warcraft, for quite a while now, and like to think of myself as a bit of a leader when it comes to playing WG.  I take the role, since no one else seems to direct anyone to do so, and as such I try and teach what I can to help the newbies, so they don't get stuck in the trap and lure of running to the front gates and not really doing their part to help win the match.

The best thing I have been able to do, is to help us keep control of WG 90% of the time.  For the outnumbered Horde, this may seem outrageous, but when ever I play we tend to win.  And yes, for the record, I play Horde.

For all players, both attackers and defenders, advertise, advertise, advertise.  I start advertising WG matches about 20 mins prior to a match.  I run the trade channel down to a 2 minute warning, at which time I do announce "Final Call".  This changes the people on our side from 40 people during the day to 80 - or more.  In the early morning, instead of having 2-3 people, we will often get 15.  I can assure you that 15 is enough to grab or hold WG, when the other side only has 5, because they don't advertise.  The least I have ever participated in taking WG, was with 8 people.

For the defenders, keep this noted... take control of chat.  DO NOT talk in the Raid chat, instead focus on the General chat area /1.  This will help people who are not in the raid, know where to go and what to do.

When you first see people on, before the game, tell them to grab RPGG's now, not later when they need them.  Also tell them to fly up and sit on top of the walls and buildings, to keep the other faction away.

Once the match starts, they need to know that their duty, is to get on the guns and announce INC attacks, and where they are hitting.  If at all possible send a rogue or druid to watch the East and West parks, in order to get advanced notice of incoming attacks, and numbers.  When incoming attacks are going to come in, tell people "REAR EAST x5 Siege" or FRONT WEST x8 Siege" this will help them get to the proper location faster and not be searching around.  Also, if any walls get breached, and there are still incoming attacks, tell them "MIDDLE NOW".

When you or anyone gets rank for siege engines or demolishers, it's a good idea to remind people to get those towers down.

When we defend, we only want either Demolishers or Catapults.  Yup, that's right I said it, Catapults.  Catapults have the advantage of going anywhere you can run, inside WG fortress.  They can go up the turrets, between the doorways, or stay in the middle, when all the walls are up.  They are nice little AOE attacks on the enemy, and you can replace cannons or add more attacks to the cannons hitting the other peeps.  Demolishers are faster then Siege Engines, so we can often catch up to them when defending, and use them to hit them from the side or behind.

A nice tip, is if you are on the inner guns, and the enemy has not yet broken through the outer walls.  Attack the base of the wall, and the damage will go through to the siege engines on the other side as well as any attackers on foot at the base on the other side as well.

I once saw a Warlock get on the wall near the WG Graveyard.  He could move out of view so he wasn't attacked.  Now there's a little trick that he can use, to get massive amounts of honor.  Everytime someone is rezzed, he needs only to tap the person with a small DOT.  Once they die, he gets credit for the kill, thus getting a lot of honor.

For attackers, the main thing they need, is rank.  The easiest way to get rank, is to attack the front gates.  Unfortunately, this also gives the enemy rank as well.  In fact, they are likely to get more rank, as they can hit aoe with the guns.  So instead, we want to take out the guards.  Over near the middle bridge, there are 4 guards posted.  If we work as a group, and all put DOT's on them, we can all get rank.  It's just a matter of running back and forth to get it.  The area of the 2 sets of 2 guards, are between the bridge and WG fortress, out of range of the guns.

Once you have the rank, then you want to get Siege Engines, if there are a lot of you.  If there aren't, it's important to get Demolishers, as you can have 2 attacks for one person.  DO NOT get catapults.  Catapults are great for defending, and terrible for attacking.  If you are using siege engines, make sure that the person on your gun, knows to hit the walls, not the people nearby, when they are in range of the guns.  Attacking the walls with your gun, takes them out that much quicker, and can allow you to attack them when you arent up to them yet.

If the enemy takes your workshop, then you need to get it back.  This is very important.  However, if you are vastly outnumbered, hit them from the other side.  Once you start to hit the other side, then those guarding the workshop will leave it, opening your chance to get it.  Once you have control, you can then attack from the other side.

One of my tricks things to do, is to get a rogue or druid inside the enemy's gates.  It's an easy trick that we can do.  Simply fly North out of WG and at the edge of IceCrown, do not join the queue.  After the battle has started, you can fly into WG, and land near the East or West guns, and attack them and take them out.  Remember to announce what you are doing, so people can attack from that side.  If you attack the guns too early however, then the guns will regenerate.  So the best thing we can do, is take them to low health, and leave them, so that 1-2 hits will take them out when our Siege and Demo's get there.

The most important thing to remember, is to take control of the chat.  Tell people where to go, and what to do.  If no one tells them they will do their own thing.

I highly recommend the Carbonite addon as well as using my favorite food for PvP, Blackened Worg Steak.  I use the addon as a small map, always on, right above my chat window.  I can see incoming siege weapons, and where they are hitting from, as well as how the towers are doing, and where our forces are.

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