World of Tanks: Crew Guide

Tanks are machines. Armor, weapons, speed... all of it means nothing if your tank doesn't have well trained and experienced crew members operating it. In World of Tanks the experience of your crew will determine how far you can see your enemy, how maneuverable your tank is, how accurate you can shoot, and how fast your main gun can be reloaded for the next volley. Crew competence is represented by a percentage, starting at 25% and can be leveled up to 100% by gaining experience through combat or training at the academy. Other factors can add to a crew's skill, such as outfitted items and commander's bonuses. The current top crew skill is 115% with a 100% commander and an Improved Ventilation outfit.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

There are five different types of crew positions in a tank...

  • Commander
  • Driver
  • Radio Operator
  • Gunner
  • Loader

Not every tank is large enough to accommodate a large crew, and sometimes crew members will have two functions. The German starting tank, the Leichttraktor, has a commander who is also the gunner and the radio operator. In the StuG III the loader is also the radio operator, etc. Testing to this point has not revealed any detriment from the multitasking. A radio operator / loader with a skill of 90% will work just as well as two separate radio operator and loader crew members of the same skill percentage. The exception are commanders, who receive no bonus from themselves, and therefore currently capped at 100% base skill rating.

As mentioned above, Improved Ventilation can be bought and equipped to increase crew skill by 5%.


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