World of Tanks: How to use Camouflage Effectively

I suppose the question you will first ask, is what is Camouflage? In actual war time situations, it's use is used by painting a tank, covering it with branches from local flora, and even the fatigues that the men wear. In Word of Tanks however, camouflage allows you hide in bushes, felled trees, and even behind buildings. At the time of this writing, tank skins do not help you hide better, as they are not visible by all.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

If your enemy can't see you, they might just pass you by. The easiest way to create a camouflage situation, is to fell trees with lots of foliage, into a clump or even into a triangle, with a small hole in the middle.

In order to effectively use camouflage, there is one small thing, which will allow you to completely hide (as long as you aren't seen). You need to not move at all. For SPGs, this is very hard, as you cannot move at all, not even to look around. For all other tanks however, you can zoom out, and while holding down the ctrl+(right mouse button), swivel your view around. As long as your tank is hidden, and you don't move, you will not be detectable, and could be passed by. If you move however, your enemy will catch the movement, and be able to see you.

Now the question at this point is, is it only to hide to not get destroyed? No actually, we use this to lay traps for our enemies. Our accuracy is much better, close range, then it is far away.

Tip: Don't make a foliage covered hiding space, close to the base, right when the battle starts. Enemy SPGs, can see foliage being knocked over, and then target that spot.

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