World of Tanks: The Benefits of a Stock Heavy Tank

I think that there are still many who don't realize what the main benefit of one of these tanks is. It's hard to put into words, to all the people who have raised their levels the traditional way, of getting into a light tank and working their way slowly up the chain. Lets look at the the benefit of each of the tanks. As far as Heavy Tanks go, there are 3 Heavy tanks currently, which we can purchase with gold.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

The Russian Churchill, moves like a heavy tank, has the armor of a heavy tank, but shoots like a light tank. You might think this is a useless tank, but it's BIG. By this I mean, it's a behemoth of a tank, it is almost 30 feet long. The benefit of this is to be able to single handedly block out bridges and narrow passages. I like using this one to block the middle path, bridge, or passageway. I then turn slightly sideways (to diagonally block the path, and help shoot the enemy). If I wait till most of the guys do their rush, I can get as many as 5 kills in a battle, simply because almost nothing out there can tank me down.

The German PzKpfw, moves like a medium tank, the armor of a highly tiered medium, and the gun of a light tank. Again, people assume it's a useless tank. It's not. This one isn't very good at blocking bridges or passages, even diagonally. However this baby is a great scout. I like to wait till at least mid-game, when all the other light tanks have been taken out, and there are no more scouts. I start across the map, it's slower then a light, but because of the added armor, can take many more hits. Easily one of my favorite tanks out there. I love the fast reload times, hate the lack of damage. I think 1 of 5 shots penetrates.

The American T-14, is super long (as far as stock tanks go), and sits at almost 40 feet long. This baby has a better gun then the other two above, so it has the potential to do more damage. Being as long as it is, it's even better at blocking bridges and paths. It's also can move faster then any of the other 2 stock tanks, but it's faster then a stock Tiger. The armor however is more akin to a low end medium tank. This one is best used in situations where you want to quickly block a bridge, and then have a mid-range gun to snipe some enemies (with the help of a scout).


I have told you where each is good, but the best part about these babies, is the amount of experience they can generate each battle. If you have a Churchill who hits a few enemies, and your team wins, you can possibly get enough experience to jump from Tier 1 to Tier 2, on your light tank - assuming you use gold to convert the experience. Within 2 days, you can hit tier 4, by simply playing a stock tank. If you instead decide to level traditionally, in the same amount of time, you will probably hit Tier 2. Tier 4, will take about 1-2 weeks, depending on how you play and where you put your experience.

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