World of Tanks: The Essential Unit, the Scout

I get so annoyed with the people who denounce artillery. They think that Arty should do 1 hit kills. That if arty doesn't get the kill numbers, they stink. That they should be able to hit moving tanks, like they can. That Arty should shoot through buildings. That they can see, when they can't either. Actually, Arty can, but only on 1 square at a time. Even then it's kind of like a hazy vision in the dark. Almost as though we were in a dark forest, and we hear a noise. We can hear where it came from, or at least the general direction, but not what did it. Let me elaborate...

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

Artillery can get a birds eye view and see when something is disturbed, but only a square at a time.  If we are lucky, we can guess where a tank is going, when a tree falls down, in a direction. But without scouts, we really can't see much. This is where our scout friends come in.

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