World of Warcraft: Best Cataclysm Embersilk farming spots

The best Embersilk farming spot in World of Warcraft, is in Tol Borad. I'm sure most of you guys have been here and have seen the cloth drops while doing the dailies here. The mobs are named Restless Soldiers and Restless Infantry, they have 17k hp and are very easy to kill. Above is a map with the location of them. The only real downside is that these mobs are part or are near a quest, and therefore other players might kill them as well. Both the Restless Soldiers & Restless Infantry have a drop rate of 50-52%, and they can drop up to four cloth per mob. It's simply ideal for farming, they're low hp mobs that fight each other, dot classes such as warlocks, shadow priests and even a fire mage ( living bomb ) would excel here if they used the "tag" and move on strategy. It would be even better if you used the best grinding trinket currently in the game.

There is even a wowhead comment that states he looted over 200 cloth in under 35 minutes by grinding these mobs, that would equate to roughly  17-18 stacks in an hour; and even more if you were under the effect of the Potion of Treasure Finding.

Farming cloth is a great alternative if you don't have a gatherer and you don't have a lot of gold on you. It's an easy way to make a couple grand in an hour or two.

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