World of Warcraft: Borean Leather to Artic Fur

60 Borean Leather turns into 10 Heavy Borean Leather which in turn can be turned into one arctic fur.

Your snatch list should look like this:

X = 75% Normal Arctic Fur Price
Arctic Fur = X
Heavy Borean Leather = X/10
Borean Leather = X/60

You can tinker with the value for arctic fur as much as you want, but be sure to use the altered X to determine how much you want to pay for the leather on your snatch list. Keep up to date with the current value of arctic furs and update the list frequently.

Currently, you can use percentages of market values in auctioneer to determine price, but there's no way to say always buy borean leather that is 1/60 the price of 75% of the price of arctic furs. You'll need to update the list about twice a week to keep an eye on arctic furs as they will probably continue to decrease in value over time.

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