World of Warcraft Cataclysm Alchemy 450-525 Guide

These are the 450-525 profession guides. Each guide will also have a link to a corresponding 1-450 leveling guide. For 1-450 leveling, please goto this free Alchemy guide.

Horde - Speak with Yelmak in Orgimmar (55.6, 45.8)
Alliance - Speak with Lilyssia Nightbreeze in Stormwind (55.6, 85.9)

Train Illustrious Grand Master Alchemist

UberWoW World of Warcraft Gold and Leveling

425-450 Draught of War

450-455 Earthen Potion

455-460 Deathblood Venom

460-465 Volcanic Potion

465-475 Elixir of the Cobra

475-480 Elixir of Deep Earth

480-485 Elixir of Impossible Accuracy

485-490 Mythical Mana Potion

490-495 Elixir of Mighty Speed

495-500 Elixir of the Master

500-501 Lifebound Alchemist Stone

501-505 Flask of Steelskin

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505-510 Flask of Draconic Mind

510-515 Flask of Titanic Strength

515-525 Flasks/Transmutes

  • Make Flasks and Transmute Cataclysm Gems, till level 525

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