World of Warcraft: Craft & Sell Flasks, to make gold now

written by MageShadow

Cataclysm has been out for quite some time now. People are tired of heroics and are now running raids, this creates a demand for one item that raiders simply love using: Flasks.

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With the recent buff to flasks, you can now craft them for a little less than before. If you're looking to make a profit from flasks I also suggest that you become a flask specialist to get those extra procs. Let's take a look at how much a flask will cost to craft and how much it will sell for:

Flask of Draconic Mind:
8 - Volatile Life [ 48g Total ]
8 - Twilight Jasmine [ 58g Total ]
8 - Azshara's Veil [ 32g Total ]

Auction House Price: 189g 
Profit Per Flask:  50g

You're making 50g per flask and that's without any procs, that's awesome gold! Check your servers to see how much profit you can make per flask before doing anything though, as prices vary by server.

Another thing is that flasks haven't received too much attention lately due to the fact that when they were first released they weren't profitable at all. This gave people the mindset that flasks are and will never be profitable. I expect competition will be on the low side for quite some time until people start to notice that flasks are now becoming profitable as the price of herbs start to go down.

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