World of Warcraft: Death Knight money making

With the introduction of Death Knights a huge number of moneymaking methods have opened up to people that do not have the patience nor the time to level an alt just to max out a profession.

Death Knights start out at level 55 and just by completing their introductory quest line (2-3 hours) they can easily be bumped up to 58. At this point it is a small matter of just taking them to Outland, leveling to 60 (2-5 hours depending on rested experience) and then catching the boat to Northrend. They will be able to learn any profession up to its maximum skill level of 450, though realistically only crafting professions will apply as you will not be able to farm higher level materials with them.

So how do you use such a powerful resource? Easy! Ideally you will have the gathering profession on your main character so that you can supply the crafting Death Knight with all the requirements to level his moneymaking profession and craft the profit bringing items.

Example: Enchanting is a good main character profession to have in this case, as it is relatively hard to level (or better said extremely expensive) and a level 60 character will not have access to the resources (useless quest rewards, vendor bought BoP greens and other Disenchantable but not transferable items) required to easily level Enchanting. The secondary profession can be either Mining, Skinning, Herbalism or even Tailoring.

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The Death Knight alt can then take up Jewelcrafting (recommended especially if you have an Enchanter main), Blacksmithing (again great if you can Disenchant), Leatherworking (you need a Skinner for this) or even Alchemy and Inscription obviously Herbalism will help). Engineering does not mass produce items that can be sold or Disenchanted for big profit, so it is of little use for a crafter alt.

Let’s say you set up your Death Knight as a Jewelcrafter/Blacksmith and your main is an Enchanter/Miner. Every stack of Saronite you get should be Prospected and the proceeds (uncommon and rare gems)should either be transformed into Disenchant fodder or sold on the Auction House, as detailed in the Jewelcrafting chapter of this guide.

As a Blacksmith you can use all the Cobalt Ore you get on your main (smelting it before into Bars), to create the items for presented in the Blacksmithing section of the guide, doubling or even tripling the amount of money you would’ve made with just Mining. Furthermore you will have access to the various Titansteel recipes and never again should you depend on the good will of guild members and friends or have to pay fees to get your Epics crafted for the Auction House.

Thus, for a few hours of leveling and some gold (or more time spent on gathering the materials) spent on powerleveling the professions on the Death Knight, you can end up swimming in gold without really having to ever leave town. Even if you do not take a gathering profession on your main, simply by buying the materials off the Auction House and transforming them into finished goods or enchanting Dusts and Essences you can make a hefty profit for virtually no time investment.

The same can be done with Alchemy and Inscription on the Death Knight and Herbalism on the main character, or Leatherworking on the Knight and Skinning and Enchanting on the main. It is up to you what path you want to take, but the possibilities are nigh endless and the amount of gold you could be raking in is enormous.

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