World of Warcraft: Fast Respawn mobs, level 70-76

There are giests in Voltaris and they respawn REALLY fast. Well, guess what! You can park yourself right under one of the canopies, and murder them for hours for easy xp!

Check back with it every few minutes, and you can loot all the corpses to boot! Of course if one were to automate that process, who knows how long it could run, and how much money you could make.

It can be an insane Leveling and Farming spot.

Rampaging Geist's are level 70-76 and can be found in a small area.

Blight Geist's are level 74-75, and can be found in an even smaller area.

Note that both of these mobs are in a highly busy zone for toons leveling, so if you are on a PvP server, be careful of others in the zone and def watch your health a bit closer.

Most of the stuff they drop will be gray items, and since we don't want to make too many vendor trips, be sure to use Lootfilter.

One Response to World of Warcraft: Fast Respawn mobs, level 70-76

  1. belzebuth says:

    It would have been good if you had put an average of how many px you can made in one hour
    cause some time automatique respawn of mob seem to be fast way to up lvl but are not
    but i will try to figure it out tonight

    thanks for sharing 🙂

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