World of Warcraft: Gold Making tips with Tailoring

Most people who think you can't make gold with Tailoring, don't know how to make gold. Here are some tips on making gold in WoW with Tailoring. These come courtesy of the 20k Cataclysmic Gold Guide. If you are looking for more gold tips, start there.

20k Catacalysmic Gold Guide

Buy cheap Runecloth and craft runecloth headbands - Then disenchant them and sell the Illusion dust, Greater Eternal Essence and if you get any, Large Brilliant Shards.

Runecloth is almost always found in bulk and for very cheap. This is a very simple strategy and can turn out to be extremely profitable. If you do not wish to sell the enchanting materials, use then to craft enchants ( 22 Int to Weapon, Spellpower, Healing Power, Mighty Spirit and others )

Also look into crafting frostweave bags for gold. If you're able to pick up some cheap frostweave, you can make a killing making these bags. Another alternative is to farm your own cloth, but I don't suggest this. If you don't wish to craft frostweave bags, craft Wrath of the lich king greens and DE them, the wrath enchanting materials have skyrocketed to an all time high.

Additionally, see if you're able to snag a rich purple silk recipe/pattern for fairly cheap. These shirts sell extremely well at the auction house and have great profit margins.

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