World of Warcraft: Hit Rating Cap for All Classes in Raids

by Thamelas


There are a lot of places that show what Hit Caps and other skills should be for level 80 in a raid, but they write it in such a way that it becomes so confusing. This is a simple list of what you should have. Is it in depth and exact? No. It’s meant to give you a simple number to aim for, which is what most players want to know. There are variables that may raise or lower these numbers, but these are simply a standard to aim for. If you get to the numbers for your class listed here, you will have no problems.

Death Knight:

Hit Rating Cap: 263 (8%) with 3 talent points in Nerves of Cold Steel.


Feral: 263 (8%)

Boomkin: 263 with 3 talent points in Improved Faerie Fire.


Hit Rating Cap: 263 (8%)
If you have 3 points in Focus Fire, you only need 165.


Hit Rating Cap: 240 (9.15%) with 3 talent points in Arcane Focus.


Retribution: 263 (8%)


Shadow: 289 (8%) with 3 talent points in Shadow Focus and 3 talent points in Misery.


Hit Rating Cap: 263 with 5 talent points in Precision.


Hit Rating Cap:

Elemental: 297 (11.32%) This includes 3 talent points in Elemental Precision.

Enhancement: 341 (14%)


Hit Rating: 368 (14%) this is with 3 talent points in Suppression.


Hit Rating Cap:

Arms: 262.32 (8%)

Fury: 262.32 (8%) The same as Arms, however there is a cheap method with talents.
Put 3 talent points into Precision and you only need 163.95.

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