World of Warcraft: How to Farm Stonecore Drake Mount Solo

This guide teaches you to farm the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, in Stonecore. Each run, should take about 15 minutes total. With a level 85, you should also be able to score this solo, however if you are a weaker PvE player, consider bringing a friend who can help - promise to help him get his too ;).

  1. Get inside Stonecore normal.
  2. Skip the first trash group with Millhouse (get around on the left)
  3. Kill the secound and the third trashgroup.
  4. Go to the first trashgroup and down Millhouse to 50% (then he runs away)
  5. Leave the instance and then enter is again
  6. Skip the first trash group (now there will be only 4 mobs,  Millhouse will stay at the position were Corborus spawn).
  7. Skip Corborus (get into the left tunnel on the left side) and use your invisible potion.
  8. Run to Slabhide and kill him.

Slabhide has a .08% chance to drop the mount. So run this a couple times a day till you get the mount.

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